Mommy Brain: Fact or Fiction?

I am a victim of Mommy Brain. I forget things all the time. You know, like where I put my car keys, or the rest of my sentence during a conversation. I forget to finish unloading the dishwasher after walking away for two minutes to answer a quick phone call. I will tell my friend about something that happened, only to be reminded that I’ve already told them. I have, on occasion, gone into auto pilot while driving and missed an exit (and even drove almost all the way home instead of going to work one morning). It started after the birth of my first child, and after having my second, it got worse.

Yup. Pretty much!
Yup. Pretty much!

Although I used the term “mommy brain” when apologizing for forgetting yet another thing, I never really thought it was a real problem. After doing a little research, I’m convinced it’s legit. Your body goes through so many changes (some we might like, some not so much) so why is it hard to believe your brain wouldn’t follow suit? But it’s not necessarily all bad! In fact, according to this article , parts of your brain actually grow after you give birth. Even more, these changes in the brain actually give new moms the motivation to take care of their newborn babies. Pretty amazing, right?

So in addition to the physiological changes, think about how much thinking/balancing/planning we moms do on a daily basis. There are days that I am convinced my brain cannot possibly handle even one more thing without exploding. A complete information overload. Not to mention the fact that we are constantly being pulled in twenty million different directions. No wonder we have moments of forgetfulness or lose our train of thought every now and then.

However, I did learn some helpful tips for battling mommy brain, and aid brain health in general. This article I found contains 6 specific strategies including getting enough sleep (yeah, that one’s not always easy), eating certain foods (including blueberries, nuts, salmon), and using routines and structure to aid a scattered mind (i.e. keeping your keys, wallet, purse all together by your front door so they’re easy to keep track of and they’re ready to go when you are). I, for one, will be trying my best to try as many of these strategies as possible. In fact, I’m off to the grocery store to stock up on some of those recommended foods to help nourish my mommy brain!

Now, if only I could find my car keys… 

4 thoughts on “Mommy Brain: Fact or Fiction?

  1. This is so accurate that after I read it I forgot to leave a comment! Sometimes I feel like the mouse who got the cookie, I bounce from one thing to the next and lose my place along the way. I’ve incorporated some of those strategies but I’ll have to try a few more.

  2. It is so true…that’s why when we are pregnant it’s called Pregnancy Dementia. When we are pregnant, our brains shrink 6%. After we give birth, it takes up to six months to grow our brain back to it’s original size. I have “Mommy Brain” all the time. I hate when I lose my train of thought, especially when speaking to my boss.

  3. I totally know it’s a FACT, but thanks for linking to those articles. It’s fascinating that our brains know to shut off certain things and ramp up other things once we have kids. Evolution in action!

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