13 thoughts on “Magical Monday: The Thing About a Nose Ring….

  1. I was driving to pick up the girls the other week (before you actually got your nose ring) I was spacing out, listening to music, I looked to my right, and in the car next to me was this young, hot thing with a nose ring. I thought to myself, “Wow, I think that looks sexy, I would like to get my nose pierced.” Apparently we are on the save wave length…you beat me to it, oh, and I will never actually do it..kind of like my tattoo.

  2. Love this video. Seeing you in action is inspiring. I’ve wanted to get my nose pierced for ages and never gone thru with it! Now, I’m not sure about it!!! Keep me posted and maybe I’ll change my mind!

    1. lol! I knew I’d talk someone out of it! Well it’s day 5 and already feeling so much better ~ I was able to manage a tentative pick today. 😉 I do believe it would suit you beautifully too!!

  3. Kate, I think the nose ring totally suits you! You’ll love it once the initial pain and annoyance goes away. I hate the rings they use to pierce with–the screw-in ones. I had the same problem where it looked like I had a booger hanging out of my nose if it turned the wrong way. I first got my nose pierced 13 years ago (actually, there was a brief time my senior year in college where I freaked out, hearing my dad’s voice echoing in my head, “No one will hire you with a nose ring!” that I took it out. But I had it re-done a few years later because I missed it so much!) but I do remember it taking some time before the discomfort of the newly pierced, swollen nose feeling goes away. Don’t worry, you’ll be back to nose picking in no time! I prefer the really skinny-post, ball-at-the-end nose rings. It’s not terrible to pull it out if I have to (I used to have to do it every day for work and it was really easy to do it, but my current employer doesn’t care) and there’s no threat of it turning so you see any of it inside–or outside–your nose. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your advice and encouragement, Dear Sister! It’s such a comfort to hear from you veterans! I do believe once the discomfort goes away I will absolutely LOVE it ~ I agree it DOES suit me! ♥

  4. You are so stinkin’ cute, lady! You are a natural in front of the camera, and I loved your post. I laughed at the “getting my nose pierced EFFING HURT!” I cringed when you said that!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Dear Sister! And BELIEVE ME, I’m still cringing over here…especially every time I want to yawn or sneeze! ooowie!!!

  5. Love it!!! I have a henna-colored tattoo of a Hindi proverbial blessing on my left interior forearm, and people always ask if I cover it up for work (I’m a government consultant). “I don’t!”, I reply, “it’s part of who I am!” It’s not some naked lady or skull and crossbones (though both of those are perfectly fine to me and in fact I’ve seen them both on MEN that work in my same profession), but because I’m a woman (a professional one at that!) and a mama, it’s seen as strange I guess. So in other words- I love your nose ring!!

    1. Melanie I too have a visible tattoo. I got it over a year ago now and at first thought I would try and cover it with bracelets (it’s on my inner wrist) but like you, I just starting saying who cares! I love my tattoo (it’s a lotus flower) and it has a lot of meaning to me so now I just don’t care and never try to hide it. Fortunately my boss/workplace doesn’t seem to care. Rock on! (and you are so right about men having visible tattoos and it being OK! I’ve noticed men dressed nicely that still wear short sleeves that show off a sports related tattoo, so why can’t I show off my lovely flower tattoo??)

  6. You look hot in this video, just sayin! As a nose pierced mama myself, I think I have some good advice here. You really shouldn’t change the piercing too early. I did and mine ended up getting infected and I had to get it re-pierced and that hurt WORSE than the first time around. Head my warning, do not change it early (my first ring was ugly and bigger than I wanted which is why I was driven to change it too early)! Make sure you wait till you know it’s completely healed. My preference is for nose rings with the L on the inside. They are easy to take out as opposed to the ones with the little ball on the end (you have to push those through and it hurts!). The only downside is that sometimes mine does hang down and I have to tuck it back up. Maybe that’s what’s happening with yours? If you twist it to a different position does it stop popping out? I promise you that when it’s healed you won’t even notice it anymore. After it’s healed you don’t have to turn it or clean it, at least I never do. Just give it time lovely Kate! I think it looks great and I think with time you will absolutely love it!

    1. THANK YOU for your advice and encouragement, Dear Sister! I think I’ll wait until the Autumnal Equinox to change it ( I like being symbolic, lol!). And I’m glad do hear you didn’t like your initial nose ring ~ ’cause I love the one you have now and want something similar. And thank you also for the rec of the L post ~ it’s so confusing trying to figure this out! I will try to twist it a bit to see if it stays put better. Can’t WAIT until I don’t even notice it anymore ~ right now I have to keep EVERYTHING away from my nose and that ain’t easy with a 23 month old!

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