Loving your post-baby body

Let’s face it, it’s easy to pinpoint the myriad of things we DON’T like about our post partum bodies.

But, quite unexpectedly, pregnancy and birth have altered the way I look in ways I actually DO like, as well.

So, for today at least, I’m choosing to ignore the changes I’m not so happy with (extra belly skin, I’m speaking directly to you) and will celebrate those pleasant surprises of my post-baby body. Today I’m sending some love to:

My wavy hair

Try to get even a wave into my hair pre-pregnancy and it would have laughed at you. No amount of hairspray could coax a curl to stick around; I even wore my hair down and straight for my wedding so I wouldn’t be disappointed by a ‘do that fell flat before the ceremony even began.

Something about pregnancy altered my body’s chemistry to where my hair now waves naturally. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed skipping the dryer and flat iron on a regular basis. Wash-and-wear is SO MUCH MORE mom-friendly. Now I’ll only blow dry it straight when I want a change from the waves.

My smaller boobs

My husband may disagree with this one but I was happy when I realized that my boobs shrunk two whole cup sizes in the last year, not to mention ended up a size smaller than they were pre-baby. I was shocked by this; I assumed the girls would simply go back to status quo after I gave birth, but my friends (whom I checked in with, naturally, to find out if this was typical) assured me that this wasn’t uncommon. To be honest, I had always thought my pre-pregnancy boobs were a bit big for my body and remember as a teenager being uncomfortable wearing tight clothes and as an adult being annoyed that I couldn’t wear cute, boxy tops without feeling like my boobs were keeping the fabric too far from the rest of my body. These smaller, post-baby boobs are just fine by me.

A lighter me

It very well may be due to the fact that I’ve nursed my daughter for the last 26 months, but a few weeks ago there was a number on the scale I haven’t seen since, like, junior high. This weirded me out a bit at first – I’m not trying to be a pre-teen-me, trust me (OMG, remember how awful eighth grade was??) – but as long as I’m not unhealthily skinny, for the time being I’m going to appreciate the weight I’m currently at.


Will you join me? What will you choose to celebrate about your post-baby body?

Appreciating that my hair doesn't have to be pin-straight anymore! Photo credit: C.Allard
Appreciating that my hair doesn’t have to be pin-straight anymore!
Photo credit: C.Allard

2 thoughts on “Loving your post-baby body

  1. I am WITH YOU on the hair!!! I have no idea what happened but my hair went from PIN STRAIGHT to massively curly – but not big, pretty waves, UGLY, frizzy curls!!! People don’t believe me when I tell them that it came after pregnancy. I am so glad that you posted this because it confirms that I am not crazy…

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