Family Fun in Philadelphia, Part 1


My family just returned from a few days in Philadelphia.  Aside from the horrendous traffic on 95 on the way home we had a fabulous time.  It was a much needed break from the stress of the past few weeks with our move.  Although I’m happy to say that while we were away our old house closed!  We had a blast and we very surprised at the kid-friendliness of Philly.

Since having Lovey, Honey and I have stayed in suites style hotels.  With kids, its the way to go.  The kids think sleeping on a bed that folds out of a couch is cool, and we have our own private space so we don’t have to go to bed when they do.  Also, because of the food allergies in our family, staying at a place with a kitchenette makes life much easier.  We stayed at the Homewood Suites on City Ave in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia.  The hotel is in an area with two shopping centers, one that has a Target so really, what more do you need?  We weren’t in downtown, but had a great view of the city (and the water treatment plant next door, but no biggie).  The hotel shares a property with the Hilton and there is access to their pool and fitness center.  The rooms and the lobby seemed to have been recently updated.  There was a lovey attendant who worked in the lobby during the day who remembered the girls and would guess where we were going or where we had been each day.  Although they didn’t say anything, I think the girls really liked her guessing game.    We packed food for breakfast and lunch, as well as some dinner options that we knew Lovey would like as there are many foods at restaurants she chooses not to eat.  However, Homewood Suites does offer a full breakfast and dinner in their lobby.  Breakfast consisted of eggs, breakfast meats, and potatoes of some kind as well as coffee, juice, and the usual continental breakfast fare.  We didn’t partake of dinner largely because it didn’t meet our allergy needs.  If we ever venture to Philadelphia again I would definitely stay there, it was conveniently located, the service was good, and the value for the money was excellent.

We did eat at two local chains, one of which is my new obsession.  The first, Chickie and Pete’s, we were introduced to when BFF and her husband lived outside of Philly.  It’s a huge sports bar/restaurant chain that is known for it’s crabs.  Honey had a “got crabs?” Chickie and Pete’s shirt for years.  The girls enjoyed watching all the TVs, eating crabfries, and dancing to the throwback tunes (apparently Kitten very much enjoys Stevie Wonder).  Honey and I enjoyed the local flavor and the nostalgia around going back to a place we had enjoyed before.

We stumbled upon the second place  (AKA my new obsession) mainly because we passed it on the way to the hotel.  It’s called Honeygrow.  The one we went to was in the Bala Cynwyd shopping plaza.  Their motto is “Honest Eating + Growing Local”.  They serve stir fry, salads, smoothies, and honey bar.  They have suggested menu items, but salads and stir fries can be made to order.  You order everything on a touch screen and then pick it up when it’s ready.  Most entrees are infused with a hint of honey. The honey bar is actually your choice of three different local honeys mixed with fruit and whipped cream.   Honey (hee hee, see what just happened there?) tried the fruit and honey and raved.  The restaurant was allergy friendly.  Stir fries came with a choice of rice, egg noodles or rice noodles (great for us gluten freers!) and all menu items had allergen warnings on the touch screen.  We ate there for dinner our first night and went back for lunch the day we left.  Let me just say, it was good.  So good.  The girls loved it and we did too.  The place was packed both times we went.  There are currently 5 locations in the Philadelphia area and I bet within a few years it will make it’s way up the East Coast.  If one ever opens up in Connecticut I’ll be the first in line.

Next week, I’ll recap our family adventures, including the reason for our vacation: a trip to Sesame Place!

2 thoughts on “Family Fun in Philadelphia, Part 1

  1. My in-laws lived outside Philly and worked in the city before they moved out of the country. It’s such a great city – so underrated, so much history, and so much to do!!! Next time you go, check out their Chinatown (not sure if this fits in with the food allergies that you have) – they have a surprisingly good Chinatown for a city that size.

    What are crabfries??

    1. I’ll remember Chinatown for next time. Crab fries are really just fries with Old Bay on them, but they’re good.

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