Cold Fun in the Summertime

This is kind of a strange summer for us.  Last year Jake and I spent every weekend in his kiddie pool.  Literally from after breakfast (which we ate in our bathing suits), until lunch time (which was also eaten in bathing suits, and sometimes while still in the pool), we played in the water.  It was a win win- I sported an excellent tan, and Jake poured water all over himself, myself, and watered the lawn.  So this summer has not exactly been the same.  The biggest reason (literally) is because I am 7 and a half months pregnant.  And hot. Very Hot.  We’ve had to adapt our summer fun to fix this just a little because this Momma just cannot be outside in the heat and humidity like I could last year.

Enter our weekend PROJECTS!  Jake has started to love this time- every weekend I introduce a new fun activity for us to try out indoors (and in the safety of the central air).  Here are a few we’ve been doing with great success:

play doh

Play-Doh!  Yep! Good old fashioned Play-Doh.  We bought 4 containers, supplied ourselves with plastic cookie cutters and plastic knives, and we all went to town on the kitchen table.  We made spaghetti, hot dogs, animals, and Jake had a great time squishing and slicing it.

sand table

A Sand Table – indoors on the screened in porch.  You might think this is messy, but actually, Jake has such a great time playing with all of his cars and digging construction equipment inside the sand table that it really doesn’t go all over the place.  And if it does, it is super easy to sweep up and put back in the table.  I would NOT recommend doing this on a carpeted surface, though!!


Foam Sticker Crafts.  We ALL love this one!  I bought a bunch of these at AC Moore, and you can also find them at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s.  We made coloring books by sticking them onto spiral bound note books, and once he was done decorating the note book, we used it as a coloring doodle pad.  If you have older kids, there are tons of foam crafts you can find at craft stores.  They are really a lot of fun.

One thought on “Cold Fun in the Summertime

  1. You have my sympathy, as a Sept baby mom. Summer pregnancy is AWFUL. Awwwwwful. And also, you’re my hero for bringing the sand table inside!!! I have always thought about setting up a sand or rice table for the boys inside in the winter, but always panicked that it would end in total chaos. I am going to go for it this winter now! 🙂 Awesome!

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