Vacation day = Day off from working and Being a Mom

Ladies I am here to tell you that as working moms it is imperative to take a little time for yourself. Between work, being a partner, mother, sister, friend, etc. we are all pulled in 8 million different directions. It can be daunting and downright tiring but I did what every mother should do at least twice a year.

This is our lives! So much on our shoulders! Ahhhhh
This is our lives! So much on our shoulders! Ahhhhh

I took a day off from work, and still dropped my son off to daycare (oh the horror) and proceeded to treat myself to whatever I (yes I said I) wanted to do.

Whether is was a nap, pedicure, clean the house or do laundry, it was what I wanted to do.

Paint those toes!
Paint those toes!

I think these “break” days as I call them are so important. I need to just let go from all of the stressors we have on a daily basis. Many times I think we feel like we can’t or shouldn’t do these days. How can I? I already work and do not spend enough time with my kids? To much to do?

But ladies I am here to tell you that YOU NEED THESE DAYS! What I think most women forget is that if the mother(s) of the house is happy and less stressed this trickles down the whole family line. The hubby/partner and children can feel all of our emotions. I feel like children in particular can pick up on our emotions more than we think they can.

Do not forget your happiness either!
Do not forget your happiness either!

So if your doctor told you “your happiness will make your family happy” would you listen? I think this is the truth but women always put others happiness before their own. We need to stop this! Well not completely because making my child and husband happy does bring me happiness but you need to include your own happiness in this equation. So my next question is….

When will your next “BREAK” day be????


7 thoughts on “Vacation day = Day off from working and Being a Mom

  1. Yes. I did this when our son was younger and had daycare on “bank holidays” when work was closed. Pure refreshment. The office is now closed less and I have to think about the extra childcare fees.

  2. Imagine if we could all have a “guilt-ectomy.” My kids are all grown up and I still have guilt if I can’t fix all their problems! I wonder where this starts. I told MOS-32, father of an almost 1 year old, that his days of having free time were OVER! FORGET IT! I then related the story to my therapist who said, “Who made up that rule?” Well, I DID. I was reacting to my childhood hurt feelings when my mother was unavailable to me, but she did not work outside the home. She was just…unavailable. So I made up the rule when I became a parent, I would be available every second that I wasn’t working. NOT realistic and NOT healthy. The irony is that I ended up doing one of the things my mother did that made me feel so bad — I escaped by taking naps. Naps mean you’re available, kinda, but also not available. I know it upset my kids, too. Seems much better to take a prophylactic day to oneself.

  3. I just did this today. Did some “fun” shopping for myself in the morning and slept all afternoon. It was awesome.

  4. This is my dream. To have a day off with no obligations while someone else cares for my child. It has been my dream since the day I went back to work when she was 10 weeks old! Sadly, I don’t get to do it very often. I need my vacation days for family vacations, and to care for my child when her daycare is closed (they follow the public school’s calendar). I’ve done it by taking a sick day now and then, but I don’t make it a habit. Sigh. Need to try to make it happen more often. At least once a year!

  5. Amen Sister Friend! i like to call these “P-Days” (personal days). they are essential, and guess what- i take them GUILT FREE. And just like Vivian, sometimes the husband and i will do these on a Friday. It’s nice to take a day for each other, too. Happy momma = happy family.

  6. Hubby and I do this every once in a while with each other. We drop the kids off at daycare and then go and watch a movie on the big screen (!!! such a luxury) and have lunch where we can actually SIT and eat lunch without some toddler screaming that they want whatever is on your plate. BEST kind of R&R there is!!!

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