Why I Love “Selfies”

You know what a selfie is right? According to the urban dictionary, it’s when you take a photo of yourself by holding your camera out with your arm(s). You see people taking these kinds of photos ALL the time. Celebs do it. Politicians do it. The President’s kids do it. And you know what? I do it too.

I’ve read that people who take selfie’s are generally doing it for egotistical reasons. That’s probably true in a lot of cases but for me, if it wasn’t for the selfies I’m pretty sure there would be ZERO photos of me with my daughter. You see, my husband doesn’t take photos. Not because he has a huge aversion to it but because he never thinks to do it. I’m all about taking photos with my camera and I take lots of photos of dad & daughter doing cute things like this:

Hiking at the park.
Hiking at the park.
Reading bedtime stories.
Riding bikes.

I love my hubs dearly, please don’t get me wrong. But there’s not a lot of photo taking coming from his end so a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do. When my daughter looks back upon her childhood these are the kinds of photos she’ll see:

Rocking the sunglasses selfie.
Rocking the sunglasses selfie.
Story time selfie.
Story time selfie.
Breakfast date selfies.
Breakfast date selfies.
Snuggly selfie.
Snuggly selfie.
I even snapped a BFF selfie - Lills (right) with her BFF Nora.
I even snapped a BFF selfie – Lills (right) with her BFF Nora.

So while there may not be many photos of me doing activities with my daughter, we have so much fun taking our selfies that it doesn’t matter as much. Selfie loving mama’s unite!

11 thoughts on “Why I Love “Selfies”

  1. On a related note, I heard the word “selfie” for the first time the other day on NPR. BECAUSE I AM SUPAH OLD. Right after that, I heard something on a local radio station about some contest involving sending in your selfies. Now I see this word everywhere.

  2. I’m right there with ya, girl. And if you happen to be with your friend on a double playdate, make a pact to take pictures of each other with the kiddos 😉

  3. You get some great pics! I think my arms must be too short because I always end up chopping someone’s head off – either mine or whomever I am with!!

  4. omg! I love this post AND the pictures! I don’t think I’ve EVER taken a selfie…but now I’m damn well going to! ♥

    1. Thanks Kate! If you take a selfie post it on FB so I can see it!! Lills looovvveeesss doing it because when you use your camera you can see yourself 🙂

  5. I love this! I justify selfies of me by making sure Zoey is in them too! LOL!! Great post and great pics!

    1. Ha! Is this a guy thing? In Dan’s defense the guy doesn’t even have a smart phone. I plan on hooking him up with one in a month or two so maybe things will change 🙂

  6. Love this! My hubs is the same way with taking pics. I have plenty of him with our daughter and barely any of me. This totally solves the problem. I am so doing more selfies from now on. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks MG! I have a million of Lills and Dan but not many of me, other than the selfies of course!

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