My IVF cycle diary: Week two

Day Eight: Monday

Today’s ultrasound went well today (minimal discomfort!) and they told us we will trigger tomorrow!  I still can’t believe it all seems to be happening so quickly…

Day Nine: Tuesday

We triggered tonight!  Actually, at the last minute, they changed my trigger meds because they are still worried about ovarian hyperstimulation.  All along, I thought this meant only that my ovaries would get too big and I would mature a lot of eggs.  While this is all part of it, and it did happen, the real concern is with the trigger shot and the final maturation of the ovarian follicles before retrieval.  If the doctors were to prescribe a “normal” trigger shot for me, I’d be in danger of hyperstimulation, which would probably mean bed rest (there’s a danger that the large ovaries would twist with too much activity) and possibly cancellation of our cycle.  So, they changed the meds during my appointment this morning to a much lower dose of the hormone, plus a med called Lupron.  Luckily, my bum was spared the two-inch needle the trigger shot usually brings, and I did the two smaller-sized shots in my belly.  Now, we wait for retrieval on Thursday!

Day Ten: Wednesday

I’m worried the most about the anesthesia tomorrow, of all things.  I have every confidence in the doctors and their abilities to do the retrieval, but I’m worried about how my own body will react (or not react?) to the anesthesia.  Sometimes I find myself fighting sleep if I realize I’m actually falling asleep, because it freaks me out a little.  I’m worried I’ll fight this too, and they won’t be able to do the procedure.

Day Eleven: Thursday

I’m keeping this quick because I’m exhausted.  The retrieval went really well, and of course the anesthesiologist knew what he was doing and I was out cold the whole time.  They retrieved 17 eggs!

Day Twelve: Friday

I took today off of work, too.  I was pretty crampy yesterday from the retrieval and wanted to take it easy today.  I’m grateful for the chance to just rest a lot today.  I think I’ve been more stressed than I realized.

Out of the 17 eggs they retrieved, 14 were mature enough to try to fertilize!  I’m feeling good about our odds!

Day Thirteen: Saturday

We’re still waiting to hear how many embryos they will implant, and when.  If they do a Day 3 Transfer, we’ll do it tomorrow and they’ll transfer two embryos.  If they do a Day 5 Transfer, it will happen on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, we won’t know until tomorrow; fortunately, I had already planned on taking the day off of work, so we’ll be ready if it happens tomorrow.  I’m really hoping for a Day 3 Transfer, so that we have two embryos transferred and a better shot at one of them implanting.  Also, I’d like to get this over with sooner rather than later!

Day Fourteen: Sunday

Well, it looks like we’ll do a Day 5 Transfer.  The way the doctors put it, the embryos were not mature enough for a Day 3 Transfer.  I’m worried that none of them will be mature enough on Tuesday, either.  I’m also terrified that they’ll cancel our transfer for some other reason.  Note to self: do not try to self-diagnose through the internet.  You’ll only hear other peoples’ stories about how their cycles were cancelled at the last minute.  This is not helping.


As an aside, we did have a successful transfer on Day 5, which I’ll write about another time.  Now, onto the dreaded Two Week Wait!


If you missed Week One of my IVF diary, you can find it here.

One thought on “My IVF cycle diary: Week two

  1. I was super worried about the anesthesia, too. That was the first time I had it. Hubby was in the room when they did the transfer and he said the first cycle, I had BAD GAS! How mortifying!!!! No wonder my first cycle failed!

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