CT Working Moms LIVE!


(Perhaps this is a sign that should be hung up at home, as well as a TV news room?! ;))

This past Tuesday, myself, and fellow blogger, Carly, graced the Fox 61 news room for an appearance on the morning show spreading the word about CT Working Moms’ Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood.  News Anchor, and fellow mother, Erika Arias interviewed us, and we truly felt that our message of more love and acceptance and less judging came across and resonated with our readers and listeners.  If you missed it, you can catch our interview here.


Carly and I coud not be more proud to represent CT Working Moms and our mission to bring awareness to the simple fact that there is no right or wrong way to be a mother.  As our most recent photo shoot exhibits, all of us moms are simply exercising our rights and abilities to make choices that are the best for our family and our children.  You want to co-sleep with your kid because it ensures a sleep-filled night for you and your husband? DO IT.  Your kid indulges in a Happy Meal every now and then and it gets you all out as a family to eat a meal at the same time? GO FOR IT.  Your family belongs to a local CSA and you fix meals made of organic fruits and veggies? ROCK ON.

Really, to put it simply, Moms- you do what you gotta do to keep your family happy.  And while you do that, it’s important to remember that you recognize that the mom pushing a stroller across the street from you may be doing everything the exact opposite as you.  And guess what?  Her kids are just as happy as yours, are just as well-nourished, and belong to a safe and loving family.

Now more than ever, it is important for moms to love more and judge less.  Trust us- you’ll all be much happier and less stressed once you start to focus on your own family instead of judging others.  Because, really, all we want in the end is for our family to be a place for love to grow, and our kids to thrive.

marie and carly

One thought on “CT Working Moms LIVE!

  1. Great post Marie! I had a great time being interviewed with you my dear! You were definitely my calming force 🙂

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