Quiet time

It is said that when a baby sleeps, you should sleep.  Of course, I think this is brilliant; what tired momma doesn’t want a little snooze once her baby has finally closed their eyes?  I must say, though, getting me to relax is no small feat; I think getting my niece to doze off at regular intervals is far easier than quieting my Type A brain or getting me to sit down in one spot for any length of time.

During our IVF cycle, however, I’ve been trying really hard to just relax while my niece sleeps when I babysit her on Mondays.  You know, just sit and actually watch a TV show, rather than paying bills while talking on the phone with a load of laundry going while watching a TV show.  For some reason, I feel like, if I’m sitting down, I’m not accomplishing anything.  I don’t get to sit down at work, so maybe that’s why I feel unproductive and won’t allow myself to slow down a bit when I’m at home.  At any rate, I need to learn to relax, especially during this time when my body has been forced into a hormone-induced egg-growing frenzy.  Naptime with Bailey during my IVF cycle is the perfect opportunity for some quiet time.

My strategy?  Hold Bailey while she sleeps.  That way, not only do I get in some extra snuggles, but I’m also forced to sit and pretty much just do nothing during the length of her nap.  Sometimes, I even get a snooze in myself.  Win-win for both of us, I think, especially when I get this view while she sleeps:

Photo credit genagolas
Photo credit genagolas

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