Magical Monday: An Ode to My Popsidoodles


In honor of Father’s Day, this Magical Monday is dedicated to my Dad (yes, I call him Popsidoodles).

My fondest rememberings of my Dad, past and present:

* He would end his good-nights to my brother and I by flashing the “Peace” sign.

* On Sunday mornings I would sometimes sit on his lap while he read the paper.

* He’d lay down on the floor with my brother and me in the living room and play games like “Life” and “Monopoly.”

* When I was little he’d let me sit on his lap and doing a little bit of driving on our long-trips to see the grandparents in Pennsylvania. I LOVED doing this and think it SUCKS that I’m not allowed to do this with my kids.

* He gave me my first taste of beer during one of our tacos dinners (which we ate picnic style on the floor). It was Michelob in a frosty beer mug with a ship on it. (Can you see how memorable I thought this was?)

* When I was about 9 years old I wrote a book called “How to Be a Nerd” complete with illustrations. He thought this was the BEST thing ever and would make me read it to him every day for weeks while he laughed and laughed.

* He would take us on long drives every year to find the perfect pumpkins for Halloween and then he’d carve them for us after we did the drawings. And he LIKED doing this, which is magical to me, ’cause I really, REALLY don’t like doing this for my kids. Yes, I think carving pumpkins sucks, but I’m glad my Dad didn’t. (As an aside, my husband is in charge of this annual task and does it every year…but he thinks it sucks too.)

* When I was 16 and 17 years old and BIG OL’ PAIN IN THE ASS, my Mother (exasperated with my behavior and how to deal with it) turned over all decision-making responsibilities to my Dad. He was WAY more permissive and lenient, and I LOVED this…for the short period it lasted.

* After my first semester in college I came home with a GPA of 0.8. Yes you read that right. I celebrated my first semester of freedom by not going to class. During Christmas break we got a letter from my college saying it was probably best that I don’t come back. My Dad called them up and talked them into letting me return for Spring Semester. I was so grateful. And I went on to get a 3.6 to prove my college that they were bloody-well-wrong about me!

* After I’d gotten my rebellion out of the way and pulled my act together, there was one Christmas eve when my Dad and I stayed up late talking in front of the TV. He told me that he had worried about me for many years, but he didn’t worry about me anymore ~ and in fact, he was PROUD of me. I’ll never forget that conversation.

* My dad is a big ol’ mush ball ~ and he just loves his family so much and tells them so. I think I inherited that from him.

* My dad has a passion for flowers and gardening. I didn’t appreciate it when I was younger and got stuck watering all the flowers, but now I LOVE flowers and gardening too and love comparing notes with him. (I still, however, don’t particularly enjoy watering all my flowers…)

* When I was planning my first unassisted homebirth my husband and I kept it a secret from our families so as not to concern them, alarm them or otherwise scare the shit out of them. When we first told them about our birth right after our baby was born, at first my Dad was horrified…but then it quickly turned into amazing PRIDE. He still likes to tell people that his daughter is a rockstar because she delivers her babies all by herself.

* When I started my daily gratitude blog, My Everyday Magic, my Dad quickly became my biggest fan. Not long after, he surprised us one Easter by donning the persona of “Grandpa Fairy” and becoming a guest poster of My Everyday Magic. My whole family sported wings that Easter as we hunted for eggs around the yard. Best. Easter. Ever.

* Now, almost 4 years after My Everyday Magic began my Dad still reads it every day, many times a day. It’s how I keep him up to date on our daily happenings and I always feel I’m writing to him as I write my gratitude list. I talk to him and my Mamakins every Sunday and the highlights of My Everyday Magic is a usual topic of our conversation.

* My Dad has always been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders ~ he’s always quick to tell me how awesome I am, and what daughter wouldn’t LOVE that?

Happy Father’s Day, Popsidoodles! I love you!

Grandpa Fairy aka Popsidoodles
Grandpa Fairy aka Popsidoodles

8 thoughts on “Magical Monday: An Ode to My Popsidoodles

  1. Your popsidoodles sounds like one incredible person!!! I really loved reading about your memories and special moments you’ve shared together. No wonder you turned out to be the strong, amazing, beautiful, sparkley woman you are today! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. I love Popsidoodles, it makes me cry with happiness sometimes to see how he loves and supports you. This list is beautiful Kate you have sparked memories of my own Dad and inspired me to write him an appreciation. I LOVED hearing about your How to be a Nerd book and my love of beer was started by my dad too.

  3. Kate. This makes my heart so happy! I have a similar love affair with my Dad. I am such a Daddy’s Girl it’s redic. Your father sounds like such a great guy- you guys are so lucky to have each other! and some of my favorite Dad memories involve him introducing me to my favorite cocktail- the Gin & Tonic, and going to Jimmy Buffett concerts at the meadows together. Love!

  4. I love reading about your family – your dad sounds like an amazing person. That pic is seriously too cute (and I hope you don’t get offended by this, but he looks like a dead ringer for Santa Claus!).

  5. Oh gosh I felt so moved reading this! What an incredible dad you have. I loved getting these glimpses into your childhood too. Love love love!

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