Rainy Weather Indoor Activities

Hello, my fellow New Englanders (and everyone else!)… Guess what? This weather is RIDICULOUS. I find myself, as pretty much a lifelong resident of Connecticut, saying this about five times a month. Seriously.

So, today the weather sucks. It’s very rainy and maybe you like rain but I am trying to sell my house and have two kids so I want them OUTSIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so I can keep my cleaning efforts to a minimum of 500 crumb sweeps an hour.

But, when it’s rainy? And chilly? I have to let them IN. Boo. And they are squirrely. Like tiny caged animals. They want freedom! They want activities! They want to MOVE!

Here are some of the things I do (when I’m not trying to sell my house because let’s be honest. Right now I keep them in one room. The end.) to keep a two and nearly four year old occupied on long, rainy, indoor days.

1)      Bake something. It honestly doesn’t even matter what it is. They love to “help” me make anything. You could even just mix condiments for an hour.

2)      Build something out of a leftover cardboard box. What is it with kids and boxes? Once I left a box out and my nephew, who was six at the time, witchcrafted it into Lightning McQueen.

3)      Make a fort out of couch cushions, pillows and blankets. Bonus if there are ways to keep younger siblings out.

4)      Laundry pile jumping. This is very popular with my girls. I dump an enormous pile of (clean or dirty – I don’t care what you choose) laundry on the floor and they take turns running and jumping into it.

5)      Baths. These two will stay in the tub for an hour or more. Of course, then you are confined to the bathroom, but whatever keeps them quiet and haven’t you been meaning to clean out that medicine cabinet anyway?

6)      Shopping cart races. The absolute best for them is to race each other around and around through my kitchen and dining room with tiny shopping carts. Over and over. And over.

I’m sure you have many ideas to add to this list. Let’s hear them! And Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Weather Indoor Activities

  1. OMG, our house has been Fort Seiderer for two weeks because they’ve been cooped up inside so much. We have about 30 of those foam mats for the floor and they’ve been placed in every possible fort/maze/jail/house/batcave configuration imaginable. And the other day we did this cool thing with milk, food coloring and dish soap that kept them entertained for oh, 15 minutes.

  2. these are great tips!!! right now jake is a liiiiiitle too tiny to help me actualy stir and bake, but he LOVES when i bake cookies- i sit him in his high chair with some snacks and milk, and he will watch me for an hour just mixing, and scooping. and forts? forgetaboutit! a great activity.

  3. TV, video games, dvds, and ipads! Nothing like comatose kids to keep the house clean!

    (We do love the pillow forts too…especially when you throw in a glow-stick or two. And cooking pasta for play is fun…especially when you add food coloring…) LOVE your post, your humor and YOU!

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