What Every Supermom Needs

When I became a mother, I knew that I would have to draw on my long dormant super powers and become a supermom. No, wait, make that…(deep, booming voice) SUPERMOM

Ka-Pow! Source
Ka-Pow! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I can deal with the demands that are placed on me as a mom. In fact, I’m proud of how I rock it. I just wish I had the proper equipment sometimes. I feel like I’m MacGuyver, when it would be a whole lot easier if I were…Batman.  The superheroes in the movies get all the good gadgets. Why should they get to have all the fun? I’ve come up with a few superhero accessories that every mom must have.

The Supermom Utility Belt:

That's HOT. Source
That’s HOT.

This accessory starts with the most fabulous color-pink-and will be stocked with all the mom essentials. Just last week when I was inundated with birthday present madness for my newly minted 5-year old, I was constantly reaching for scissors, batteries, and that little screw driver you need to access said batteries. Where was my utility belt when I needed it?  There’s room on this utility belt for your iPad (always charged of course) for emergencies-you know, any time you have to wait in line or go to the grocery store or are stuck in traffic with your child. In my utility belt there are also potty wipes and a clean pair of princess undies, because you just never know. And hand sanitizer. Lots of hand sanitizer.

The Mom-Mobile:

What kind of superhero would I be without the perfect vehicle?  My Mom-Mobile would have the outside look of a hot rod– something that shouts, “Make way for Supermom! I’m late for work and I have to get to daycare!”

Impala, Truckster source
Impala, Truckster source

On the inside, it would magically convert to have the interior space of a mini-van-the world’s first self-cleaning minivan, that is. Next to the car seat would be a mini fridge stocked with healthy snacks and drinks that never spill. The sound system would pipe kid-friendly tunes to the back section and…SILENCE to the driver’s seat. The internal GPS would be programmed to remind you not to forget what you originally went to Target for in the first place! (DOH! Toilet paper!) No more extra trips! Of course it would also run solely on stale goldfish crackers, recycled cheese stick wrappers and juice box containers. How economical!

The Mom-Lair:

At the heart of my wonderful hideaway is the state of the art kitchen complete with butler service to cook healthy meals that everyone wants to eat-no matter what grumpy food strike they’re on this week.  The kitchen is also self-cleaning.  Superheroes can’t be wasting time doing dishes!   We have dance costumes to sew, laundry to fold, and a dog that needs a walk!  Bring it on!

Alfred, Gerard Source
Alfred, Gerard Source

A mom can dream, right? 

How about you?  If you could have the super accessories to go with your Supermom status, what would you want?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

5 thoughts on “What Every Supermom Needs

  1. Kriste…I have to say: GENIUS! I’ll take it ALL! Especially the self-cleaning-mini-fridge and built in fridge (I bet I could fit a beer in there too….)

  2. This is so awesome! I want all of those things, even the woody wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation. You should go into business selling all this stuff, there’s gotta be a HUGE market for it!

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