Top 5 Posts From Last Week

After posting just the links to the top 5 pieces in my blog post last week I decided that it might actually be easier for you, lovely readers, to not have this weekly review in a video blog format but rather just written in text so you can easily click over and read any posts you might have missed.

So, here are the 5 MOST READ posts from last week!

Click to read them if you missed them the first time around!

#5 CT Open House Day by Yours Truly (Michelle)

#4 Advice for a newly pregnant friend by Sarah Bernhardson

#3 5 Things NOT To Do When Your Kid Is Sick by Yours Truly (Michelle)

# 2 Rear-facing forever? By Jen

# 1 Victimized in Court: When did the Fountain of Justice get turned off? by Jillian

Lots more awesome stuff coming up this week, stay tuned!


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