5 Things NOT To Do When Your Kid Is Sick

My 2-year-old just celebrated some milestones. She had both her 2nd birthday AND her first ever stomach bug all in the same weekend.

My daughter has never thrown up nor has she ever had diarrhea so I felt a bit unprepared for what occurred. I have to say I am really happy with how my husband and I worked as a team as we changed a million diapers and tried (mostly with no luck) to catch the puke in bags.

A little daddy snuggle.
A little daddy snuggle.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons over the past week. Today though I want to share the things you SHOULDN’T do when your kid has a stomach virus. Cause I learned the hard way.

5 Things NOT Do When Your Child Has a Stomach Bug:

1. Think you’re going to be able to get anything done.

On day one of her stomach bug my husband and I tag-teamed taking care of my daughter and I was actually able to get a little cleaning done while they snuggled. Fast forward to day two when she was feeling even worse and yeah, I sat my butt on the couch in the same spot for the following 2 days. She refused to let me move and even getting up to use the bathroom caused screaming. Plan to hunker down people. And keep your mobile devices close for entertainment.

Poor baby!
Poor baby!

2. Totally freak out (unless it’s really warranted).

Now, if you follow my posts you know that I take meditation classes and am working on creating a sense of lasting inner peace. Nothing like a kid puking and having #2 issues to really challenge that! As the days went on, I freaked out more and more (just ask my fellow bloggers who I reached out to 100 times, thanks ladies!) . On day 3, when she hadn’t been drinking ANYTHING and was totally lethargic I almost brought her to the ER. As I had just about decided that I was going to do that, she popped up and asked for Cheerios & water. Holy crap, what an emotional roller coaster! (If your child has signs of severe dehydration you should absolutely either go to the doctor right away or the ER. In my case, this time, I was able to avoid that but dehydration is serious)

3. Leave the house.

Oh wow, I really learned this lesson the hard way. At one point my daughter seemed a lot better and I was so tired of sitting on the couch that I suggested we go to the pet store and look at the fish. About 60 seconds after we walked in, she puked every where and all over herself. We had to head back to the car and I took all her clothes (and her shoes) off. I didn’t bring any extra clothes so poor baby had to ride home almost naked.

Please ignore the safety straps. I was taking her out and then decided to snap this photo. I assure you she is normally properly in her car seat.
Please ignore the safety straps. I was taking her out and then decided to snap this photo. I assure you she is normally properly in her car seat.

4. Match his/her outfit.

OK this seems like common sense, I know. But when she first got sick I was still trying to match her clothes when I changed her. That quickly went out the window as she continued to get sick multiple times in the same afternoon. At that point I just said f*ck it and threw on whatever I could grab the fastest.

5. Shower after the first vomit/poop episode.

Since my daughter was puking and I was the main one snuggling her, naturally I ended up with a lot of vomit on my own clothes. After the first incident I showered only to find myself with vomit on my pants AGAIN about 10 minutes later. I decided to just let it go and shower after she went to bed at night.

These are just 5 of the many parenting lessons I learned throughout her first tummy illness. I have to again thank my girlfriends for their support, I’ll try to work on #2 a little more next time.

My sick little girl.
My sick little girl.

5 thoughts on “5 Things NOT To Do When Your Kid Is Sick

  1. You poor things! Sounds like you did ALL the right things mommy. Also, Mia threw up everywhere on her first birthday too. I had to cancel her birthday party – lol!

    1. Glad she is feeling better Michelle. I remember when that happened to me and g for the first time. I was so frightened. It’s scary when they are so little and sick

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