From the very beginning, they are proud.


A bit mischievous.

They share secret lairs.

And root for Mommy’s football team.

They suffer the same silly hats.

And make big messes.

They have slumber parties.

And tea parties.

They give hugs freely.

Plot and scheme.

And keep each other company.

They share weird idiosyncrasies. (Each only likes wearing ONE sock.)

And just generally — for the most part — really love to be together…


And that makes this mom feel pretty super…


9 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Adorably cute and so fun!!

    I have to ask – what is that sleeping bag thingy in the slumber party pic?? I want one of those!

  2. Not only is it adorable, but this post captures something wonderful and elusive: the Sleeping Audrey!!

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