Magical Monday: Spirit Baby Talk


If you’ve been reading my Magical Monday column for awhile, you know I’m a little metaphysically minded. Okay, I’m MOSTLY metaphysically minded. Some call it woo-woo, some call it airy-fairy, some even call it cray-cray. Call it what you want, I’m usually RIGHT.  (Yes, I just said that and I meant it…just ask my husband.)  Anyway, one of my GREATEST PASSIONS in this life is pre-birth communication.

I experienced boat-loads (a technical term) of pre-birth communication with my children. My first son even went so far as to tell me how he wanted to be born (by unassisted homebirth) and made sure all the info I needed fell right into my lap while I was pregnant with him. My experience of pre-birth communication was so moving, so magical, so paradigm-shifting and so life-changing that I created a website about it when my first son was still a baby, called Love From Baby.

One of my most-crowning achievements in this lifetime thus far is something I created called “Love Notes from Baby.”  Based on my own prebirth communication, I wrote 6 months worth of Love Notes for pregnant women from the perspective of their Spirit Babies. I’ve received such lovely feedback and testimonials from moms-to-be about how “Love Notes from Baby” opened the door wide open for them to personally experience stronger, more obvious prebirth communication with their unborn children. Love Notes developed it’s own momentum by word of mouth alone, and to date almost 7000 women have signed up for them.

I bring all this up today because I feel my Spirit Baby communication is currently going to another level. The messages are coming stronger and the babies are getting louder. THEY are the ones who want me to write about them today. THEY want their future mothers to know a few things. And it brings me such immense JOY to deliver their messages. So without further ado, here’s what your future baby/babies want you to know:

* Yearning is never a one-way street. If you find yourself yearning for a baby, that baby is also yearning to join you. In many cases, it is the yearning on the baby’s part that precipitated YOUR yearning. If you are yearning for a baby, it means there is a Spirit Baby close to you who plans to come in sometime soon.

* Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are the realm of Spirit Babies. This is when your mind is quiet and open and most receptive to messages from your Spirit Baby. If your baby comes to you in a dream, understand that this is COMMUNICATION. You can even ask to dream of your baby and chances are you will.

* If you have a set plan on when you’d like to conceive or when you’d like the baby to be born….chuck that silly ol’ plan out the window. Babies come when it’s most advantageous to their life’s purpose. In short, babies come only when they are damn well ready.

* If you have had a miscarriage (or even an abortion or still-born) it is MOST LIKELY  that the soul of that baby will return in a subsequent pregnancy. For frame of reference, I had 2 miscarriages before Finn was born and I KNOW he was the same soul in all those pregnancies. These days Finn comes up with stories on why he chose to go away and then come back later.  If you’ve suffered a loss, it was the loss of a body and NOT the loss of a soul. That baby can and will come back if you want. (This one is so important and they REALLY want you to know this so there is less suffering.)

* If you do have complications on the way to Mothering, know that it is helping your journey AND your baby’s journey. Sometimes choosing to have a baby is not so straightforward, but the journey there is soul-enriching and life-changing. Complications give rise to strength, compassion, empathy, flexibility AND it clears karma. Complications are something you and your baby agreed on to fulfill certain life-purposes. Your baby is still able and eager to communicate with you throughout all the ups and downs. No matter what, know that you are in this together. Even though having two miscarriages was so incredibly difficult and heart-breaking, I’m so thankful to have had those experiences. It changed me in ways that EASE couldn’t have.

* These babies REALLY WANT to communicate with you! Talk to them and they WILL hear you and acknowledge you in some way. They will, I promise!

* The babies coming in these days are VERY aware, and they require VERY aware parents. You may have to make some certain changes to raise your vibration high enough to receive these wise, new magical souls.  If you are in need of some physical or emotional healing you’ll hear repeated messages of how to do this. And the urges will be so strong you won’t be able to ignore it. These babies can be VERY insistent!

* The Spirit Babies want me to relay to you is that there is  no longer a need to learn lessons through suffering. This doesn’t mean that difficulties won’t arise, but it’s not the difficulties that cause suffering ~ it’s the resistance to the difficulties that cause suffering. If you are experiencing difficulties, it merely means a different course of action (usually via a different way of thinking) is required.  If difficulties aries, the Spirit Babies ask that you remain open to all possibilities rather than wallowing in the same small mind-frame. The answers may not come right away, but they will come when needed. Allow yourself to be confused AND open AND know the new answers will come.

And the final thing the Spirit Babies want me to impart to you (and this is said with emphasis):

* MIRACLES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME!  There is no “can’t” or “won’t” or “never will” in the Spirit Baby realm. The Spirit Baby realm is the realm of MIRACLES…and there even the impossible is possible.

It is with great joy and celebration that I conclude this first Spirit Baby post. Know they are throwing a party even as you read this. Prebirth communication is real…and the door has been opened….♥

P.S. For more Spirit Baby info visit my site: Love From Baby


59 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Spirit Baby Talk

  1. Hello Kate,

    I have been reading your blogs and advice for months. At first I had no idea how to explain to myself or boyfriend the magnitude of my connections with my spirit babies. I have waited 6 years with my boyfriend, we are both of good age but do not have the finances to conceive. They keep coming to me, my dreams. I feel like they are telling me not to worry. Is there ever a wrong time? If you pull a card please pull a card for me.

  2. What if I feel a spirit baby but am still single, and would very strongly prefer for my child to have a father in his or her life?

  3. Hi I need help because I had my cycle back in June through July 2nd and it went off and haven’t return so I’m worry that i’m pregnant because i stop taking my birth control because it was a waste of time if i wasn’t having sex at the time and I haven’t been feeling good lately help me please

  4. Hi Kate, I am trying to concieve and had the following dream last night. In my dream a was changing the nappy of this amazing little baby boy and he told me that he would like to spend as much time as possible with me and he wants us to do everything together. It was such an amazing experience. I am at a cross road now,where I have to choose between going back to work after taking six months of to conceive (my age is a bit of a factor)
    Or if I should put my career plans on hold? Please help!

  5. Hello. I have been trying to conceive for 5+ years. I lost a baby at 6 months in 2011 (3 years this coming Saturday) and haven’t gotten pregnant since. I recently have been drawn to spirit babies and communication, didn’t know what this was before…I would love to communicate but not sure how.

  6. Hello My name is Sunita and I have received communication from my babies I already feel pregnant spiritual if that’s possible. I feel love all around me I’m so excited wondering how will I know it is time to manifest in physical.

  7. I’ve been lately feeling a “Baby girls spirit” in my heart & soul only for 3 months now and as time goes by I feel the presence even more stronger than ever before! just yesterday I was talking to her while I was taking a walk and it was soooo perfect 🙂 So with my recent “Daughter” feeling is there a chance I would have her soon?? Also when I started back in July of this year I even yearn for her even more with each day that past’s. 🙂

  8. Hi Kate, I would love a second baby but Im afraid I could be too old now. I had my first baby at 42 and I’m nearly 44 now and have been trying for 6 months now. I had an early miscarriage two months ago. I would love a little girl but would just be as happy with a little brother for my son. Do you see any possibility?

  9. This was beautiful, I believe this is possible but wish I could do it, my due date is in two weeks and I want to know when this baby is coming!

  10. I am currently trying to conceive and have been dreaming of the same little girl for a few years now

  11. Love this!! I am loving my new life after 3 years post-divorce and would love to have another baby with who I feel is my soul mate. I have two wonderful boys from my previous marriage…but my love does not. He and I have such a strong desire to have our own family. However…I had a tubal after my last pregnancy in 2008 and an ablation due to bleeding issues in 2012. So I cannot physically carry another child…but we can still have our own biological child via surrogacy. My question is… can I still have …or be looking for that pre birth connection…even if its not going to happen the traditional way? And how will I know if its going to happen at all?? Do the cards you speak about tell something like this?
    Also love your passion for good craft beer. We brew our own as well as love going to any awesome brewpub we stumble upon.
    Good to meet you:))

    1. Prebirth communication happens in ALL instances ~ adoption, IVF, surrogacy, etc. These babies know who their Mamas are! 😉

  12. Hi Kate
    I just came across your site as I googled whether spirit babies return to a new pregnancy. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant after a missed miscarriage last Aug at 9/10 weeks. I was devastated and so heartbroken for many months after. It felt when we decided to try again things kept getting in the way to conception such as my partner being unwell or my monthly cycle irregular but in May I had a shoulder injury which from meds caused later ovulation and period which happened then to coincide that in June we had a lovely weeks holiday booked and my ovulation would have been and clearly it was as we conceived that month! From various factors it felt like this baby was meant to be such as how I ovulated around holiday time when we would have been relaxed, it was actually a year to the month we conceived again so almost feels my spirit baby from last year is back to say I’m ready this time. I do so hope this is the case and this pregnancy progresses to my healthy born child. I have had many worries of miscarriage again and asked for a sign my baby will be ok. A few days later a orange and black butterfly appeared in the corner of my bedroom and has remained there since. I hope this is my guardian looking out for me and my baby. Lovely article Kate.

  13. I lost a pregnancy, i would love to know about my baby i feel so atach to him. Thank you

  14. Hi Kate,
    I’m a little airy on relying on anyone or anything else, other than God and the messages I receive in dreams, but I was looking for a bit more insight and clarity. I’ve had several dreams about my future children. I currently have 1 who’s 12 but I’ve been yearning & yearning & yearning for another about 2yrs now. My relationship is often rocky but the love is definitely strong. First dream my spirit baby stated our names when I asked who it belonged to (he/she first appeared as a glow or energy light). Another dream “she” said “not right now” or something along the lines of the time not being right. I look forward to conceiving every month but we don’t try often. I’m worried there’s a problem with me or my spouse even though my spirit baby clearly stated its parents’ name. What do u think.

    -Virgemini, Brooklyn NY

    1. Hi Kate,

      I dreamt of a baby girl last week and I thought I am going to conceive soon.
      But few days ago my relative have just
      announced that they are having a baby
      in Nov 14. AF arrive today, do you think
      the baby girl I dreamt is mine or her?

      thanks BBp

      1. Hi Kate,
        My friend is married for about 8 years and yearning for a baby for a long long time.
        Why did some of them yearning for one but never happen? I know she wanted to have 4 children but nothing happen yet.

        A psychic told me I will have 2 more children and should I believe her? I am yearning day and night for one to come to me soon. I am 40 and above and time is running out for me. I have been TTC for 2 years, Should I continue to wait or should I give up completely? I hate this uncertain journey.

    1. Shamel, I’m no longer pulling cards but please visit my site for TTC info ~ specifically check out the links I posted in my reply to Andrea above. They should provide much comfort and relief.

  15. Hi please help…i went to the doctor and they said there was no fetal pole and prob not viable….i am really worried and i cant explain it but it seems this baby is meant to be…i am still scared…will it be ok…maybe if i could talk to it…i try all the time…anything you can offer me please…

  16. All this is so fascinating to me. I never thought this was possible. I just started looking into this because my girlfriend keeps having this dream with a little boy. He’s all happy and smiling playing with her. I want to know what it means since the little boy keeps coming into her dreams.

    1. Hi Jose, Dreams like that are very characteristic of how our Spirit Babies communicate. Sounds like a future son is coming through loud and clear!

  17. Hi kate, I came across your page because I have been trying to conceive for 6 years and have no where else to go, can you please give me hope again, thank you andrea

  18. Actually had two dreams from my spirit baby. Ive been trying to conceive for the last 6 months.. it was after fourth attempt failed IUI that I started getting the dreams. First one – a spirit or like white figure was standing in front of me. When i called out to it – it rose up and flew into my belly. I knew somehow it was male and old . I knew that I had no reason to be scared. The second dream ( a month later ) – it was a little boy (maybe 1 or 2 yrs old at the most) and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then he took my hand and we went easter egg hunting in my home. He found a purple egg behind a large plant and showed it to me (held it up to me) with a very happy expression on his face. I took that as a sign that my kid wants to be conceived through IVF (going to hunt and retrieve eggs). I start my first IVF cycle this month and praying that my kid decides now is the time to be welcomed into this world. Your blog really gave me comfort that I not “crazy”. I dont need cards pulled. I just wanted to share. Thanks

    1. Jennifer! Not only are those wonderful dreams, you’re so wonderful at interpreting them! I have a good feeling about your IVF, Dear Sister.

  19. Hi Kate! I’ve been TTC my second child for a while now. Been a challenge due to advanced material age according to doctors which had been devistating. I do feel in my heart of hearts I’m meant to have another baby it’s such a strong feeling I just can’t explain. Then some days I just feel hopeless. I would love to know if you see anything In your cards for me? Thanks so much..

  20. Hi Kate,
    just wanted to say thank you for writing this. I came here looking for some sort of explanation to what I have been experiencing… in dreams and in waking life. Are you familiar with the different types of communication that these Spirit Babies use? I have experienced a few that I suspect. One was a dream in which she told me what her name is supposed to be, a name that I had never even considered, like enough to think of, nor do I know anyone by that name. I woke from another where I saw her face so clearly, I could describe it in great detail, with an immense feeling of love for her, that I’ve never felt before.
    What are we meant to do with this information other than receive it? Can we help them along?
    In any case, thanks for sharing.

  21. Me and my husband are trying for our first baby. Im a nurse and a patient of mine has told me twice that my son is around me. We have called him Thomas and are just waitinh for him to make our little family complete. He is already loved so much, I just can’t wait to meet him. Xx

  22. Hi Kate,
    My name is Blue and your post was wonderful to read. In short I’ve been on a baby journey the last couple of years. My situation doesn’t seem to lend to me having a baby soon but (as I have read Walter Makitchen’s book Spirit Babies) and your post I do know miracles can happen. And boy, my little ones can communicate. If you have time I’d love for you to pull a card for me. Also if there is anything I can do for you please let me know. I’m a sharing hippy chick.
    Have a beautiful day now!

    1. Love your name Blue and love your attitude. Yes miracles absolutely do happen. Love that your little one is so vocal. I’m not pulling cards currently but there is a lot more info on Spirit Babies on my website Love to you, Dear Sister.

  23. Hi Kate,
    My husband and I made a decision of ending our first pregnancy because our son had Trisomy 18. As heartbreaking as it was to make this decision we just wouldn’t be able to bring him to this world and see him suffer. We had a stillbirth on July 15th of this year. I really hope with all my heart his sweet soul will come back to us. We cannot wait to try again and bring him back. Could you please see what’s in Pre-Conception Oracle Cards for us.
    P.S. I love your post! Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us!

    1. Tanya, my heart goes out to you for your losses, but please take comfort in knowing that the soul of your baby WILL come back, Dear Sister.

  24. I have been “trying” for almost four years now. There’s no clear problem with me or my husband. I have read and gathered so much info on fertility and pregnancy including “Spirit babies” which is what brought me here through a related search online.Lately I have been going between days where I have high hopes and then those that I just want to forget the whole thing. Not sure there is a baby spirit out there that will be coming my way but I would sure love to know!

    1. April, as I always say the yearning for a baby is never a one-way street. If you’re yearning for a baby it’s because there IS a baby in your aura. Of course this comment of yours is old, so perhaps you’re already pregnant!

  25. Is there a fourth baby for me? I’ve really been struggling with this. I don’t know what the right answer is?!?!

    1. Okay, Love, I pulled two cards and they are “Easy Does It” ~ meaning you don’t have to make this decision right now. Though I tend to believe if Mom doesn’t ABSOLUTELY feel done, she’s probably not done. And then the second card I pulled was….wait for it….”Daughter.” 😉

      1. Thanks Kate! Both cards seem accurate! That would be 4 girls…yikes!

  26. This is a fantastic post Kate! Love you and your fairy wings. Do you ever reach out and get…silence?

    1. lol! Well, if I’m pulling a card I always get a message, but often I get cards that I don’t care to relay or they don’t make sense to me or I doubt them…but I’ve learned to give the messages anyway, because even if they don’t make sense to me, they usually make sense to the person getting them. 😉

  27. I feel like you are reading my mind, Kate! As you know, I want another baby! I am not trying to have one now because I don’t think I am ready, but I am so excited about having a baby eventually! I get butterflies in my stomach and I think about it everyday and talk about it everyday. I also feel like my future baby wanted me to read this to let me know he or she is around me now! This has made my day. Thank you, Kate!!

    1. Yay, Mary Jo! And this is getting really strange but for the third time in a row (for three separate people) I pulled the “Daughter” card. Soooo….looks like you’re feeling you’re little girl! Loving the girlie power I’m getting!!!

      1. I had a dream last night I was in labor and had a baby at home but didn’t know the sex! Thanks for the card reading!! And hooray for a girl!

    1. Oh Gena, Thank you! And since we know you are ttc I did pull a couple of cards for you. The first one was “Divine Timing” (which I find is such a frustrating one because it’s asking you to be patient…and well, FUCK patience!) I think I pulled this one for you before so I won’t write it all out here again, but to sum up: “When all things are in order and best for his/her arrival that is when Spirit Baby will come.” I’m thinking there is more to the journey for you…but it can be joyful if you TRUST in his/her INEVITABLE arrival.

      and here is another card ~ “Signs: Spirit Baby is sending you signs all the time. Spirit Baby hears you when you speak and is also speaking back to you. He or she is asking you to acknowledge the many signs you are receiving. When a sign pops up you’ll know it. Don’t question or second guess yourself. This card indicates you’ll be receiving a sign very soon. Remain open.”

      When the yearning is the strongest, so is the potential for communication. Signs from your baby are a promise that he/she WILL come and help to bring comfort when it’s just taking too damn long…

      Thinking of you and love you, Sister.

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