Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year the theme of my Mother’s Day gift guide is Less Blender, More Bling.  Mom can go out and buy her own food processor, but there’s something about treating her to something special, or something totally unexpected.  Something that tells her that she’s not just a mom, but she’s a super fantastic rockstar of a gal and deserves all the credit she has coming her way!

First up, for the classic and preppy mom, or for the mom who loves carting herself and her brood to the beach, or the library, this monogrammed LL Bean Boat Tote is the gift for her.  Monogramming is personalized and preppy, and who doesn’t remember that LL Bean back pack they had in elementary school with their initials sewn to the front of it!?

boat tote


For the mom who loves to work it, look no further than the extensive online store of Another Mother Runner.  Tons of fun and quirky Mother Runner athletic tees that Mom will love to wear- they are girl fit, and come in bright colors that will get her the attention she wants when toeing the line at her next road race, or stretching out at her Bikram Yoga class.



Jewelry.  What Mom does not want jewelry!?  My all time favorite pick for this category is Alex & Ani.  And the beauty of this is that you can get them at most local jewelry stores, like the Silver Dahlia in Glastonbury and West Hartford Center.  My personal favorites are the Seaside collection bangles, get her the letters of her initials, or the birthstones of her babes.  Or, my personal favorite, this month’s special at $5 off, the Queen’s crown 😉


A Bra Fitting.  We’ve discussed this at length among our mom bloggers, and let’s be honest.  Sometimes the girls don’t always bounce back to their original busty goodness post-kid.  Or maybe they have taken on a whole totally different shape than they once were.  Either way, maybe it’s time for Mom to spend a little me-time in a one-on-one bra fitting and the chance to spend the afternoon picking out lovelies from the Nordstrom lingerie department.  Getting Mom a gift card to Nordstrom or Victoria’s Secret to be used towards new lingerie and a customized bra-fitting is sexy and personal.  And no, a gift card to Target is not the same here.  Just because Target sells bras, does not mean it’s suitable for a Mother’s Day sexy treat!



Something girly.  Something preppy and sporty at the same time.  Something she can wear with jeans in the winter, and with shorts in the summer.  And…. it’s from Lilly Pulitzer, just about the sweetest and brightest Mom-friendly company ever.  And did I mention girly?  While this popover is a fan favorite, there are also scarves, iced coffee tumblers, jewelry, and brightly colored tops and shorts in a lot of prints to keep every mom happy.



 So now that we’ve got the Mother’s Day Gift Dos, let’s get on with the Mother’s Day Gift Don’ts. 



A Cat Lady Sweater.  NO, NO, NO, and NO.  This is just not happening.  I don’t care how much she loves Foofy.  She doesn’t want to wear Foofy to story time at the library.


Really? I don’t care how much she is begging you for that Dyson.  Do you really think she would rather spend her time cleaning, or spend her time running in a 5K on a Saturday morning or having a day shopping or getting her nails done with her girlfriends?  No. You will not get her the Dyson.

Finally, when it gets right down to it, one of my all time favorite Mother’s Day gifts from my son was a hand-made macaroni necklace tied with a piece of lavender yarn.  It is hanging up in my bedroom near my jewelry, and I consider it one of my prized possessions.  I will never part from my possession.  You know what else goes over really well?  Some alone time for mom!  Offer to take the kids for the afternoon while she spends an afternoon either by herself and in a dressing room of Marshall’s trying on outfits, or with her girlfriends drinking out of a Scorpion bowl.  Really, any way that you show her that you really truly love her and appreciate her for everything she has done, is the best gift of all…



7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I’ve always thought that birthdays and, similarly, Mother’s Day, etc., should be about getting something you wouldn’t spend money on yourself, or getting something you want rather than something you need. Great suggestions!

  2. I love these ideas – especially the cat shirt (haha, just kidding)! Thanks for the tips and those bracelets will br MINE!

  3. Love this post! Love so many things about it. #1 I LOVE the Silver Dahlia. That store freaking ROCKS. #2 I love that Lilly popover! #3 I had never heard of that mom-running clothes company but I love them now and LOVE that they have moms of all sizes in their photos!

    1. don’t you love Another Mother Runner!? I had to put that shirt up- it’s one of my faves! probably because it says Badass on it. i have the Boston Marathon Run tee on my way, and i need one of those High Mileage Mother tees!

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