Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

Third Birthday

My daughter turns three on Thursday. This age is fun, but it also can be hell (for me and my husband). And while I cannot freeze this moment in time and keep her this age forever, I can write it all down so I remember this challenging, fun, crazy, special age.


Happy 3rd Birthday Mia you are the light of our lives!

This is you at three.

1. We give you about 4 or 5 clothing options when you get ready in the morning and yet you insist on wearing this same shirt to bed and to school for the past week.


Note the blueberry stains.  Photo Credit: M.G. Peak
Note the blueberry stains. Photo Credit: M.G. Peak


2. You have a nurturing soul and you try to comfort people when they are hurt ♥

3. Tacos, blueberry muffin tops, and blackberries are your favorite food.

4. You are a daredevil in every way and scare the crap out of your parents on a regular basis.

5. You entertain us with your  “singing” and “playing the guitar”, except we don’t have any clue what it is that you are actually singing. (If anyone wants to venture a guess, we are all ears.)



6. You adore your cousins and friends at school.

7. You got some pretty sweet dance moves.

8. You are very dangerous with large objects.

Everyone, look out!!! Photo Credit: M. Peak
Everyone, look out she has a BROOM!!! Photo Credit: M. Peak


9. You repeatedly run around our yard chasing birds shouting, “BIRDIE GET ON MY FINGER NOW!!!” They just stare at you and fly off as quickly as they can.


Snow White
Sorry sweetheart, only Snow White has the ability to land a singing bird on her finger.


10. Socks are utterly useless in your world.

11. You are obsessed with MY shoes, yet you refuse to wear YOURS. You usually snag my shoes every morning while I am trying to get ready for work.


"Can I please have my patent leather Mary Janes back?!  I'm late for work????"  Photo credit: M.G. Peak
“Can I please have my patent leather Mary Janes back???! I’m late for wooork!!!” Photo credit: M.G. Peak


12. Sometimes, you don’t miss a beat. Other times, we can totally lie to you and get away with it.

13. You make this funny “cheese” face every time I try to take a picture of you. (If you could stop doing that I would appreciate it).


Say "Cheeeese!"  Photo credit:  M. Peak
Say “Cheeeese!” Photo credit: M.G. Peak


14. You want to know everyone on a first name basis. Like, every time you see someone new you ask “What is your name? What is your name?” It is cute, annoying, and scary that you have no problem approaching strangers.

15. You remind us that the simplest things (like sleep and eating in peace) bring the greatest joy.

16. We laugh at you (and with you) a lot.


Animated Photo Credits: Here and Here.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

  1. I obviously didn’t see this before I wrote my post! A loving tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday Mia!

  2. Awwww!!! Happy birthday, Mia! I love the idea of describing her at this age to look back on- I may have to start doing this and putting it in a book for the boys! So great!

    1. Thanks! The best part of writing for this blog is creating and saving all of my daughter’s childhood memories….while I still have my sanity, patience, and humor – lol!

  3. MG- i cannot stand how cute Mia is!! I have laughed along reading all of these lovely little Mia traits. Happy Happy Birthday to that sweet little girl of yours! Supes Cute!

  4. Love love love this!! Happy birthday Mia and happy “birth” day to you MG! That is one adorable sweet and sassy little girl. I laughed out loud at the snow white reference. 🙂

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