Advice to My Daughter: Make-Up 101

My daughter is almost three years old. While she loves rolling around in dirt, she also loves all things girlie – shoes, purses, anything sparkly, and MAKE-UP! Many mornings she’ll sit on the bathroom vanity, watching me in amazement as I hurriedly put on make-up before work. The scene is always the same. She tries to grab my stuff. I tell her “no” and she begins to cry and go into convulsions. I relent and give her the first thing I can toss to her, and she ends up with lip gloss all over her nose, eyes, and cheeks. I clean her up and politely kick her out of the bathroom and plop her in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I know where my daughter gets her make-up enthusiasm from – mama! I have always been fascinated with the stuff, but as I went through old photos for our High School Throwback series, I was reminded of the many, many make-up faux pas I made back then. I want to spare my daughter from the mistakes I made in life and this is one of them. My mom never used make-up and refused to color her hair. So I was kind of flying blind in this department. Therefore, I thought I would make this part of my compilation of advice to my daughter on random topics.




Mia –

I am fully aware that your mother may be the last person you’ll listen to about make-up, but if you insist on wearing it then please, for the love of mom, let me help you do it right!

Here is some advice to you:

You are beautiful inside and out. I have told you this a hundred times and I know you believe it. But, the good thing about make-up is that it enhances what you have been blessed with and hides the little things you can’t control. For example: there are times when make-up helped me look presentable to the general public…like when you were first born. Concealer was miraculous at covering dark circles from lack of sleep and blush gave color to my cheeks and prevented me from looking like a walking zombie.

Less is more! Use a neutral palette. Please trust me on this one. I once wore bright green eye-shadow to my eighth grade graduation. I would produce photos as evidence of the disaster, but I think I burned them all. I thought it looked good, no one else told me otherwise. But it looked like something along these lines:


You laugh, but mommy is not kidding 🙂


Use products that are non-toxic or contain yucky ingredients. I truly hope that by the year 2025 when you actually start using this “how-to”, that Congress will have done something to rid women’s personal care products of toxic chemicals. In the event that they have not, here is a database of products that are safe for you. Another example of what can lurk in our products: I once Wikipedia’d an ingredient in my favorite lipstick and found that the coloring was made from boiled insect bodies. So, please be on the lookout.

Seek professional guidance. There are wonderful women at pretty much any make-up counter at the mall who are trained in this sort of thing who can show you how to correctly apply your make-up. It took mommy a couple of decades figure this out. The beautiful thing is that it is usually a free service and the value of knowing how to apply correctly is priceless.

Keep your applicator brushes tidy. That time you threw my blush applicator brush in the toilet? That’s not how you clean your brushes. Here is an easy, clean, and natural way to do it.

Be comfortable in your skin. I know you need to live on your own terms and there is only so much I can say or do to convince you on how to live your life. But just remember this: you are special and unique. Stay true to yourself. I love you always!


Anyone out there have additional tips or things you wish your mom taught you?



9 thoughts on “Advice to My Daughter: Make-Up 101

  1. Awww, MG, this is too sweet!! you have given Mia such a wonderful foundation (ha ha ha, get it?!) for her to build upon! as for friendly motherly advice- Two things i wish my mother taught me early on: Get your eye brows waxed regularly. Being a, *ahem* Italian of deep roots, this uni was uncontrollable before waxing. Get it done early and often. Next- POMADE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. -especially in the summer. Take care of your chia-pet hair, and all will be well in the world. I discovered these two things about 2 years too late! lol

    1. Oh Marie – I soooo needed your input on this! Will totally add waxing and pomade to this list. I so feel you on the italian heritage thing… Also my secret for dealing with chia pet hair is Jojoba Oil – lots of it!!!

  2. LOL, I laughed at the mood lipstick comment!!! Remember those??!! Talk about throwback!

    I can remember doing exactly what your daughter does – watching my mom put on makeup and wanting to do the same. It must be a girlie rite of passage!

  3. Oh Bev I can soooo see this happening with Mia, despite my pleading and forewarning! I wonder how it is that many of us girls are so blind about bad make-up in our teens? Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  4. Great advice! I just sent my 13 year old girl to school looking like a raccoon and to no avail was I able to convince of her make up free natural beauty! She also had green hair which she didn’t seek my approval for because she was at dads and knew I’d say yes…

  5. Love it!!! And ohhhh the make up mistakes I’ve made…let’s just say “Mood Lipstick” that changes color? Bad idea. Hahahahahaha…

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