Another Mother Runner- Running for Boston

If there is one thing I have learned from the senseless and incomprehensible events that unfolded at this year’s Boston Marathon, it is this- Runners are resilient.  Runners help other runners.  In the face of great tragedy and trauma, runners run on to let the world know that they are unstoppable.  That no matter what you do, you will not break us, because will will not ever admit defeat.


Standing in front of my first apartment in the city.  311 Beacon Street.

In the days that have come after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I have run.  I have run until the air could not support my body, and then the next day I do the same.  I dedicate all of my miles to Boston, my former home.  My former zip code.  I was working in the 617 on the day terror struck us to our very core on September 11, 2001.  I remember how the city of Boston, as scared as it was, and trembling over the loss of so many beautiful lives, fought back.  The attack on the Boston Marathon hits particularly close to me.  My first apartment in the city was on Beacon Street, at the corner of Exeter.  A mere few blocks away from where the bombs went off on Marathon Monday.  At the time, I was working in the Massachusetts State Capitol, and the Copley T Stop was part of my commute to work.  I spent mornings running up Beacon Street as a part of my morning workout routine.  Boston, a running city, will survive this, and come out stronger than it ever was before.  I am confident of this. Why? Because runners run Boston.  And Runners are resilient.

As a runner, we do the only thing we can to fight back in the only way we can- we run, and we support our runners and their families.  If you are looking for a way to support fellow runners, several groups have come out to offer their support for the runners and families affected by the events on Marathon Monday.


runners for boston

*Image courtesy of Fleet Feet West Hartford*

Fleet Feet in West Hartford is hosting a 3 mile run/walk on Monday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m.  The run starts and ends at Fleet Feet’s store, 1003-B Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT.  For a $20 donation to One Fund Boston, you will receive the t- shirt pictured above.  If you cannot make it, you may still donate and reserve a t-shirt.

Running with Fleet Feet is just one of many ways runners have responded to the tragedy.  And this mother runner is happy to devote all of my mom sweat to the cause.



One thought on “Another Mother Runner- Running for Boston

  1. I love this post. Yes, runners are resilient and we will not be deterred by terror or cowards who would attack innocent people. One person on Facebook commented that clearly, these men did not do their research. Never mess with people who run 26.2 miles for fun; clearly, they are made of strong stuff and will overcome the fear and the hate. I know every mile I have logged this week, and the miles I will continue to run, will be in support of Boston.

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