One Day Only: Todd Parr Book App Discount!

I’ve reviewed Todd Parr’s books before and I just LOVE them. If you are a fellow Todd Parr lover (or are just learning about him today!) join me in downloading the new Storypanda app for his book called “It’s OK to Be Different.” Storypanda is a kids interactive and media company that builds products and tools to help kids become content creators not just content consumers. For today ONLY, you can download the app for $2.99 (instead of the original price of $4.99). Details at the bottom of this post!

What I love most about this book (and all of Todd’s books for that matter) is that it encourages kids to be compassionate and accepting. You just feel so good reading these kinds stories to your kids. He has a whole range of books, including the I Love You Book pictured below with my adorable daughter (although this deal is only for It’s OK to Be Different, but you might want to check out his other books too).

Throwback photo, my daughter is so little here! She still loves her Todd Parr books to this day.
Throwback photo, my daughter is so little here! She still loves her Todd Parr books to this day.

I believe this is the first time that one of his books has been made interactive and available for download on the ipad! Here are some snapshots from the ipad version of the book:

SP_IO_Cover_V1 SP_IO_frame1_Tap_v2 SP_IO_frame4_v2.1 SP_IO_frame9_Createv2 SP_IO_frame20_Create

See what I mean? Beautiful messages that we (hopefully) all want to teach our children. I love that the app is interactive too, your child can customize the messages so that they can better identify with it.

Here’s a super short youtube video about the app:

To read, create and share with Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to Be Different, you can purchase it for $4.99 $2.99 by downloading Storypanda Books on the iPad or by going here. Let us know if you download it! Again, you must take advantage of this today (I know I will be!). You do not need a special code, just head on over.

Thanks to Storypanda for giving us this great deal!

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