The Age of Exploration

When Jake was first born, one of my dear friends, a mother of two grown college boys, told me that the hardest stage to contend with as a parent is always the birth-6 months.  Your baby is essentially a “blob.”  They eat, sleep, poop, and repeat.  Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  I remember some very early weekend mornings that I would look at Jake and say, “When will you be old enough to be able to play a game with!?” or, “Let’s play legos!  Please!”  Instead, he would look up at me with his big glassy eyes and squirm a little.  Leave him to his own devices for too long and he would get restless and bored with me and demand immediate attention.  How I longed for the “blob” stage to fly by.  And sure enough, it did.


My husband and I found ourselves with Jake at our neighborhood children’s outdoor animal and nature center, Hungerford Park, in Berlin.  Literally down the road from our home.  They had been advertising a pancake breakfast for weeks, and both Mike and I remembered going with our families when we were little, so we were really looking forward to being able to take Jake for a big pancake breakfast and an afternoon of farm animal viewing, craft making, and of course, pancake eating.  While we were making the short drive to Hungerford, we were both saying a silent prayer (well, maybe not so silent) that Jake would take to the event- the big plate of pancakes that would be placed in front of him, participating in hands on crafting, and pointing and talking to the animals.  I mean, he wasn’t a blob anymore, right?  He was two years old!  He could do this, right!?!


He is totally not a blob anymore.  Having a two year old means having a kid in the age of exploration.  Blob days far forgotten, this is the perfect age to let a kid explore, get dirty, build a barn yard out of colorful Lego Duplos, and have raging parties with roaring dinosaurs.  I can dig this age.  Actually, for the first time in a long time, I can totally relate to the moms who say they wish they could freeze time, wishing their kid would stay this age forever.  I would love to freeze this moment in time.


9 thoughts on “The Age of Exploration

  1. I LOVE two!! It’s sooooo much fun. It’s so nice to order the kid a grilled cheese and chocolate milk and not have to feed him every bite. And not that we’re even remotely close…but I cannot wait until Josh is potty trained. It was like a whole new world when Nate finally didn’t need diapers anymore. OMG.

    1. Isn’t it, though!? One of my favorite things is ordering off the kid’s menu, and him actually enjoying eating it! Without putting up a fight! Good luck on the potty training- i bet it’s a dream to go out and not worry about carrying a 5 pound diaper bag around. life changing much?!

    1. Thanks Vivian! He’s my main main 🙂 and before i know it, he’s going to be as tall as me, so then we’ll definitely be a dynamic duo!

  2. Love this! I was beyond thrilled when Mia turned 2 and we could finally take her places where she was alert and could participate. Have fun mama and enjoy these years (except for the toddler tantrums)! Xo

    1. MG- this is by far my favorite age. While “nice” restaurants- translation: anything beside McDonald’s, are still kind of out of the question, parks, nature centers, and hands-on places are a huge hit! i’ll remember to turn to you when those infamous tantrums hit, K? 🙂

    1. Thanks lady!! Having a two-year-old presents its own challenges, but at this age, the fun outweighs all of that. I can’t wait for more explorations with him!

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