Telling the Truth About Mommyhood

Credit: image from Momma Love's FB wall.
Credit: image from Momma Love’s FB wall.

The other day I saw a link to a video on Facebook about Ali Smith’s new book called Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives (release date May 1, 2013). As I watched her beautiful video about trying to gain community funding for the printing of her book I was struck by how similar her message is to ours here at The premise of Ali’s book is that if moms admit that mommyhood is hard, we feel like we’re bad parents. If moms admit to any kind of flaws, admit that we don’t do everything perfectly and don’t always know the right answer, we feel like failures. This is so true, isn’t it? I think Ali’s point is that we should celebrate (or at the very least be honest about) the highs, lows and all the middle parts of parenting.

Here’s the video I mentioned (I just love it!)

What we are trying to build here on the website is a feeling of sisterhood. A feeling that yeah, parenting is f*cking hard sometimes but we’re not the only ones that feel that way and we will get through the tough parts. A feeling of authenticity, vulnerability and honesty. That’s what our society needs more of. We moms, we are a sisterhood. We understand each other. We relate to each other. Deep down we want to be honest with each other. (I think that’s why our Confessions page is our most popular page)

Here’s to being real. Here’s to continuing to create a safe space for mommas to express all their thoughts & emotions about motherhood. And most of all, here’s to sisterhood. xo

Credit: CTWorkingMoms goddess gathering, taken by Jean Molodetz
Credit: CTWorkingMoms goddess gathering, taken by Jean Molodetz
Credit: CTWorkingMoms goddess gathering, taken by Jean Molodetz

13 thoughts on “Telling the Truth About Mommyhood

  1. You ladies are amazing – thank you for offering all of this to the rest of us. I remember seeing the bottom photo MONTHS ago (I can’t remember whether I saw it online or a parenting magazine) and thinking that you were such a beautiful bunch of women!

  2. I ‘made’ my husband order the book last week for my Mother’s Day gift because I love her message! It’s so nice to hear someone talking about the daily grind of motherhood – the good, bad, and everything in between!

  3. Great post 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing Momma Love here – I checked out her FB page and the photos are so powerful.

  4. In a book I have Jewish Wisdom there is a quote/proverb “There is no such thing as a bad mother or a good war”.

    We are all good mothers and beating ourselves up does not help anyone. The key is to remember that we are not alone. We have generations before us who have walked the path and made it through.

    1. That’s a great quote! You are absolutely right, beating ourselves up doesn’t do anything but make us feel even worse. Thanks for your comment Sofia 🙂

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