A Lesson My Daughter Taught Me

Saturday, March 30. 11 p.m.
Dear Diary;
It was the night before Easter. We created a thing of beauty: the most amazing Easter basket in Stevenson family history. It was the perfect combination of both Mom and Dad’s excitement and effort. When we were making our girl’s basket, we were giddy with anticipation. She was going to love these goodies and toys from the “Easter Bunny.”
As we placed her overflowing basket on the coffee table and went to bed, we couldn’t wait to see the look on her face the next day. She had been asking us if it was Easter every morning for the past three days. Tomorrow it would finally be here! Yipee!

Look at that loot!
Look at that loot!
Photo: C. Stevenson

Sunday, March 31. 8 a.m.
Dear Diary;
We held her off long enough. Strangely, she woke up and didn’t ask if it was Easter. We made our way to the living room. My husband saw the basket first. “Oh look Zoey! The Easter Bunny came!”
Zoey’s reaction was…well, unimpressed is the word that comes to mind. She said “Oh yeah, ok” and went to go see. I was expecting more “shock and awe.”
As she pulled the items out one by one, I narrated with the enthusiasm laid on thick. “Look! The Easter Bunny got you the Barbie movie!” She said, “I know Mommy. The princess and the popstar,” with flat affect. Ok… I really thought she would flip over this!
She did get excited over some new magic markers and a rubber duck, but everything else was just so -so. I was mystified and a little bummed. Then she turned to us and asked, “Can we go to Mimi and Happy’s now for the Easter egg hunt with my cousins?”
Ah. Now I get it. The lesson learned from my wonderfully wise child was it’s not about the stuff. It’s about the family and the fun times together. I was worried that I had disappointed her when in fact it was quite the opposite. I gave her an opportunity to make great memories hunting for eggs with her cousins and later playing hide and seek with them. She spent the day with family she loves. It was a great day. I needed that reminder.


Success! Photo: K. Stevenson
Photo: K. Stevenson


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