The Second Time Around

During the first trimester of my first pregnancy I frequently looked like I had been punched in the face. Why, you ask? Well, that my friends was caused by the popped blood vessels all around my eyes due to some intense vomiting. Morning sickness – it’s a term I hate especially because it can strike at any time of day. It gives the perception that you get sick in the morning and you’re fine and dandy the rest of the day. True for some women I’m sure but not for me. I was lucky that once I hit my second trimester it was as if my fairy pregnancy godmother waved her magic wand and *poof* I felt great! No more sickness and much, much more energy.

The infamous "baby belly" picture.
The infamous “baby belly” picture.

Then came the third trimester which included weekly physical therapy sessions for my lower back problems as well as carpal tunnel in both of my wrists. This led me to begin my maternity leave about a month before my due date. Oh yeah and the heartburn, and the whole “beached whale” feeling were just added bonuses. Of course the end result – the birth of my baby girl – made it all worthwhile. Truly!


Fast forward one and a half years and I find out I’m pregnant with my second child! I was thrilled, but nervous about dealing with some of the same pregnancy conditions that I suffered from with my first. I was pleasantly surprised when I made it through the first trimester with not a hint of morning/noon/night sickness. Yesssss! Second trimester was still as delightful as the last time. Then came the third trimester and I had the usual discomfort and “I’m done with this whole pregnancy thing” feeling but nothing out of the ordinary. Well, until the final month decided to present a few hiccups (a kidney stone that sent me into early labor and then preeclampsia). Do you know how many people told me I must be having a boy this time around because it was such a different pregnancy? They were wrong by the way. Another healthy, beautiful baby girl to make our family complete!


However, my biggest fear of all was that I was going to suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety again after my second child was born. If you haven’t read about my experience you can check it out here. I am very happy to say that my daughter is now 10 months old and I am doing great! No signs of postpartum depression which is a HUGE relief.

So ladies, my message is simply this. If your first pregnancy was a rough one, take some comfort in knowing that will not necessarily be your fate the second time around.

3 thoughts on “The Second Time Around

  1. It’s crazy how different our experiences can be from baby to baby and from woman to woman. So glad your second one went much better!

  2. Congrats on 2 lovely girls. I just had my second girl a little over a month ago and I know what you mean about both pregancies being different. My first pregnancy my face broke out like crazy it was so painful and I felt like a teenager again. And I also ended up with preeclampsia the last month and ended up on bed rest and having to be induced a week early. The second time around I didn’t get the acne, no high blood pressure, but got carpal tunnel in both hands during my second trimester that I had to leave work at the start of my third trimester. This time I went into labor on my own, 3 weeks early and within a week the carpal tunnel was gone. I also thought this time had to be a boy since everything was so different.

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