Tips for watching two or more kids?

This weekend is going to be a first! I am going to be watching a girlfriend’s daughter (a month older than my son) for the weekend. She needed a hand and I was more than eager to help. (Remember ladies ask a fellow mother!)

I am curious to see how mothers of two or more have it. No, I am not a masochist, but I am planning on having more than one child, so I may as well get used to the craziness. I am slightly optimistic that it will be tons of fun, not only for me but for my son. My son will finally have someone his size to play with instead of his lame, tired-ass parents.

So parents of two or more kids can you help a momma out? Hints? Any ideas that will make my weekend any easier would be greatly appreciated.

This will be me this weekend! Pray for me
This will be me this weekend! Pray for me

     P.S: The children are 16 month and 17 months 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tips for watching two or more kids?

  1. I can’t remember what it was like at that age – and since our season was different (March), there were different opportunities with re: things to do. You may just be ok because the novelty of having a playmate around might be excitement enough. My only recommendation is to try to keep to some sort of schedule if you can – because otherwise, the time slips away very quickly and you will find yourself scrambling to feed two very hungry toddlers (because you lost track of time) or late to put them to bed, or something like that. And the other thing – remember that everything takes more than 2x longer – meaning, if you decide to go out, getting them dressed and out to the car and stuff like that takes WAY longer than only doing one. I’m not sure why that is!

    Enjoy and can’t wait to hear back how things went!

  2. My standard answer is to have plenty of wine on hand (for you, not them) :). If that’s not an option, crafts (shaving cream on a cookie sheet was fun at that age), if you don’t mind noise, let them bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons (let’s be a band!), put music on and dance (make sure you have the camera handy), read books. Good luck!!

  3. What a great friend you are, Katie!! I wish i had some tips, but i know you’ll be awesome!! I do know that Jake loves it best when he’s around kids his own age- he has way more fun playing and interacting with them, than he does with me some times!!

  4. What a timely post! Due to no childcare for a few days next week Christa is taking Lillian so she’s going to have 2 toddlers all day as well!

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