Chiropractic Sessions in Progress

After six chiropractic sessions for our daughter, I’m pleased to report some good news.

First, let me take you to last Saturday, March 2nd. Our daughter had been pulling on her ears all morning and was fussy. We decided to take her to the on-call pediatrician for him to assess her ears, as we thought she might have another ear infection while being on the tail-end of her antibiotics.

To our delight, the doctor said that she did not have an infection and also, for the first time since December 18, 2012 (her first ear infection) she had no fluid in her ears! I was so happy I started to cry!  I felt a sense of relief that after just three chiropractic sessions, my daughter’s fluid was draining the way it should be. She was simply tugging on her ears because the excess fluid was finally draining properly. I quickly picked her up, gave her a big hug and kiss and drove home with a smile on my face, something that rarely happened in the past.

Another good sign of progress occurred on this past Tuesday, March 12th, when we took our daughter to her regularly scheduled follow up appointment with her pediatrician. I am happy to report that she did not have an ear infection, however, she did have some fluid in the ear, which is a result of her being somewhat congested. While I would have loved to hear that she didn’t have any fluid, I am happy that there is no infection. Ultimately, we just need to make sure the fluid continues to drain when she doesn’t have a cold.

Last Saturday when I told the on-call pediatrician that my daughter is seeing a chiropractor for ear infections, he looked at me and said that there is no medical evidence to suggest that a chiropractor can help prevent ear infections.  Rather than applaud a chiropractor’s efforts, he suggested that it was because “she doesn’t have a cold anymore and that she is just growing out of the ear infection phase.” I looked at him and flat out said, “That’s bullshit, the chiropractor sessions are working and there’s nothing else to discuss about it.”

In addition, our daughter’s pediatrician completely disagreed with our decision to see a chiropractor. She felt it was a waste of time and that there are no proven benefits.

Nonetheless, in the end, it doesn’t matter whether medical professionals disagree or agree with my conclusion that our daughter’s ears are getting better from a chiropractor.  What really matters is that she is happy, healthy and no longer in pain.

While we still have a few more intense weeks of chiropractic sessions to endure, it is very well worth it because our family’s decision to try an alternative method to surgery appears to actually be working. There is absolutely no better feeling in this world to know that a decision you made prevented your child from needing an unnecessary surgery.

I will continue over the next few weeks to share with you our family’s journey and hopefully the fluid in her ears can continue to drain and stay dry!   

A message to parents with children who have had tube surgery: Please note that I’m not against surgery, but rather, I had a few weeks before scheduling surgery to try an alternative method that seems to currently be working. If for whatever reason the chiropractor sessions were not successful or if in the future her frequent ear infections come back, we are willing to go back to the drawing board with both her pediatrician and her ENT.  Your decision to select surgery for your child(ren) bears no reflection on who you are as a parent. It was necessary for the health of your child and I applaud you for making such a hard, yet necessary decision.


14 thoughts on “Chiropractic Sessions in Progress

  1. Thanks Heather – how many times did you have to go see the chiro at the beginning? we see him 3 times a week and today will be the 8th session.

  2. Ha! I love that you said “bullshit’ to the on call Dr.!! I hate that many doctors (not all thankfully) cannot just admit that 1. they don’t know everything 2. alternative therapies CAN work. Good for you for exploring all options for your daughter and trusting your mama instincts!

  3. Thank you for your posting and the last paragraph. We made a difficult decision to have tubes put in our 15 month old’s ears and it was done on Friday. I only had mommy guilt because it is my genes that come with the chronic ear infections. I am glad that the chiro is working for you. I used one to help me get pregnant and with my little one’s feeding concerns I have.

    1. Never, ever feel guilty for taking care of our child’s need for tube surgery. You made the best decision and I hope she never has an infection again. How many has she had to date?

      1. He had 6 infections and the fluid was not draining between infections and he has not had a running nose since he was 9 months old. We are pleases with the results so far! Thank you for the support CTWorking Moms and my wonderful Mom’s group have been a life saver, cheerleaders and wisdom givers. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  4. I wish I had heard about Chiro as a treatment for ear infections sooner… My 3 year old daughter has had tubes twice now, and if she continues to have problems we’ll be going that route. I have had chiropractic care myself and am a true believer, but I only heard of it for pediatric ear infections about 3 days before her scheduled second surgery. Good for you for being open to alternative care & standing up to your pediatrician!

  5. I am so glad to hear this! I totally believe in chiropractic treatment. Both my son and I go to our chiro every two or three weeks and (knock wood) we have not been sick in years.

  6. I am so glad they are helping her! Believe your intuition! Do not let any pediatrician let you doubt you as a mother

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