For the Love of the Snuggle

Honey likes to call Lovey “The Space Invader.”  When she wants to sit with you she doesn’t sit next to you, she sits ON you.  She is always looking for a snuggle.  Kitten on the other hand, says “NO!” as only an almost two year-old can when you ask her for a kiss.  However, lately she’s been a bit more affectionate and will lay her head on your shoulder and pat your back when she hugs you.

I am the ultimate Space Invader.  Lovey learned it from me.  I have always been someone who needed affection.  I have fond memories of sitting on my grandmother’s lap, sucking my thumb, and rubbing her ear.  Apparently this annoyed her to no end.  She only begrudgingly allowed it.  Now that I have my own Space Invader I see it from my Grandma’s side.

If only it was this peaceful in real life all the time

I understand why Honey isn’t always in favor of another kid hanging off of him.  I understand why my mom used to say “it’s too hot to sit on me.”  Sometimes it’s just too much lovin’.  At times it feels stifling.  I love my daughters so much that sometimes I feel like my heart will explode.  I don’t always love all 70 pounds of them fighting for the prime real estate that is my lap.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though: as much as I sometimes dislike the constant need my girls seem to have with close physical contact, the thought that someday they won’t want to snuggle with me makes me sad.  Lovey will be off at school all day next year which has been a major shock to my system.  It makes it so much easier to imagine her in high school and beyond:

She’s running around with boys and hanging with her friends.  Asking for the keys to the car.  Kitten is trying to either be like or totally not like her big sister.  They have all but forgotten about little old me.  The last thing on their mind is early morning snuggles with their mama. 

A few weeks ago while Lovey and I were having a mutual admiration society thing going on I made her promise me that she’d always snuggle with me, even after she moved out, got married, and had her own babies.  Having no clue about my wistfulness she obliged me with an “I promise.”  My heart swelled a little bit more.   Then she followed up by saying “Mommy, I love you so much when I’m a mommy I’m going to live with you.”

What was that I said about too much lovin’?

6 thoughts on “For the Love of the Snuggle

  1. Vivian, the best part is that I never knew it annoyed her, she didn’t tell me until I was an adult!

  2. I love that last line – so cute. Whenever I’m having a frustrated moment with my son, I take a moment to picture him at age 16 ( ‘mom, stop hugging me, ugh!’) and it instantly changes my mood and reminds me to enjoy every second of this age!

  3. I love the image of you sucking your thumb, rubbing Grandma’s ear (and her being annoyed by it). VERY CUTE!

  4. I love it! I have two kids 8 years apart. My son is 18 now so my constant reminder that my special snuggle time with my 10 year old daughter is coming to an end is staring me in the face every day. Both my kids were totally snugglers and I’ve loved every minute of it! I too was always a snuggler, constantly on my Dad’s lap or my Grandmother’s. Now it’s me, my daughter and my 35 pound dog, all cuddling in the lazy boy (which is way to small for the three of us)! However, every now and then, when my 6′ 2″ 18-year-old son are on the couch together, he’ll lay his head on my shoulder 🙂 I love that he’s never too old for a quick cuddle with Mom. I eat it up! As the mother sings in our favorite book, I Love You Forever: “I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always As long as I’m living My baby you’ll be.”

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