Magical Monday: Even though….


The phrase “even though” makes a regular appearance on my blog, My Everyday Magic. We Fairies use it when things in our lives aren’t going exactly as we would like, but we’re managing to find the good anyway. Finding things to be grateful for “even though” life is kicking your ass is a pretty powerful exercise  ~ I think it’s the post potent magic of all. Give a try and see what you think.

* Even though I’ve been feeling exceedingly tired lately, I’m very grateful that I’ve been healthy all winter, and I still manage to find extra time to rest.

* Even though I get early morning wake-up calls (hello 5:45 am!) from my baby, I’m grateful that we can snuggle in bed for awhile longer while nursing.

* Even though I’m not sure how I’m going to find the money to finish my basement, I’m absolutely positive it will flow in easily and effortlessly as we get the ball rolling.

* Even though I’m not looking forward to picking up all the dog crap that’s been accumulating in my yard, I know I’ll be VERY HAPPY once it’s all cleaned up!

* Even though I’m not exactly in a cooking groove lately, I know my inspiration and motivation will return…sometime.

* Even though today is a busy day and my house is full of people, I know I’ll get the down-time I need.

* Even though my 18 month old is in the challenging phase of SCREAMING for whatever he wants, he’s so cute and irresistible the rest of the time that we’ve decided to keep him.

* Even though I’m not finding the perfect someone to help me with coding my website as fast as I’d like, I’m SURE the perfect person will show up just as I need her. (Anyone? Anyone?)

* Even though my family seems cranky today, I know the best way out of it is NOT to join them. I will remain calm and peaceful among the chaos…even though I may have to fake it. 😉

If you’re having an “even-though” moment, look for the up-spin in it. You might just be surprised with what happens.

Happy Magical Monday! ♥


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