You know you’re a mom when…

On the weekends we “throwback” to older but still awesome posts.

Post Written by Katie Schunk (March 2012 – updated with reader responses)

You know you are a (working) mommy when:

1. You used to go out until 3 am now you are waking up at 3 am! Eek

2. You do cry over spilt (breast or formula) milk.

3. Peeing becomes your alone time.

4. Sex is…wait what is sex again?! (Poor husband)

5. You have to plan months in advance to hang out with friends.

6. You apologize to your own mother for everything you might have done as a child.

7. Your butt and gutt becomes your worst enemy but shoes are still fabulous! (They don’t make me look like a cow)

8. Sleep is a luxury that you would pay for…

9. Your child vomits and instead of dodging it you try to catch it.

10. You participate on a conference call while pumping.

11. Your commute is wind down time.

Submitted by readers:

1. You mistake the kid puke in your hair for hair gel.

2. Your wardrobe consists of jeans, capris, or shorts for the weekend. No more cute skirts – too much of a liability if you bend over to pick up your kid.

3. Wearing your cheetah heels is a huge personal accomplishment. Look! I’m not wearing my Toms today!

4. You show up to the office with a booger smear on your shirt, not realizing it until hours later when you look in the bathroom mirror.

5. You look forward to walking into the office because you get to “relax.”

6. You have to wait to put on your cute earrings until AFTER dropping the kid at daycare. Otherwise, if that kid gets ahold of them, it won’t be pretty.

7. The second you walk in the door at night your work clothes come off and your pjs go on (oh wait, that’s not really different lol)

8. You suddenly have a bond with every other mom you see. Other moms with kids just start talking to you like you have something in common. This happens to me all the time! Especially at Target.

9. You no longer look at other moms who “can’t control their kids” with judgement, and instead you throw them a look that says “I understand.”

10. Sunday nights bring on the pre-work week anxiety of “holy crap, I have so much to do.”

Any to add??

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