Whole Foods Party Platter Review

Last weekend the CT Working Moms Blog held a (what we hope to be annual!) Blogger Retreat.  We gathered together to re-group, and re-connect, as well as learn about new techniques and tricks to become even more fabulous.  And what event with a bunch of fun moms would be complete without party food!?!  We were very lucky to have Whole Foods Market in West Hartford, Connecticut donate trays and trays of party food for us to sample.  So, without further ado, I would like to present to you my review of the fun party food offerings that Whole Foods has to offer!


OK- You’re already wondering why I am starting this party food post off with a humongous and so tastefully-placed Easter display.  Well, my review started when I walked in the door to pick up the party trays.  You know how you walk into Target to get band aids, shampoo and conditioner, and a birthday card, yet come out with a cart full of $1 items, gummy candies, and pink lemonade cake mix? Yea…. same holds true for Whole Foods for me!  I was immediately sucked in by this display, and picked a bunny from its post on top of the home-made soap display.  That will be going into Jake’s easter basket, thankyouverymuch.  It is soft, cuddly, and a PUPPET!!  He will LOVE it!  and how much do you love how carefully placed Whole Foods displays are!?  So yes, one bunny down, and $19.99 later, and I’m ready to pick up our free food.

car load


I’d now like to introduce you to our chef, and very handy Whole Foods guy who helped me cart all of the food out to my car and help me load it up!  He made a lot of the tasty snacks that we will be sampling at our Retreat.  He was super friendly, and promised to check out my review, so big shout out to YOU! We LOVED EVERYTHING!

Hungry Mommas are ready to dig IN!!



med platter


Now let’s get on to the serious business of the deliciousness that is the Whole Foods Mediterranean Platter!  And let me assure you, that everything really did taste as impressive and delicious as it looks!!  I’ll start off with the hummus.  It was a creamy, mild blend of chick peas and olive oil.  It was not strong on any flavor in particular, and it held its own when paired with sliced cucumbers or Stacy’s Pita Chips.  It paired nicely when mixed with a bit of the tabboule on the opposite end of the platter.  Let’s talk about the grape leaves next.  Lord. I must have had at least 4 of these on my own!!! They were everything grape leaves should be!  A little vinegary, wrapped tightly, and filled with just enough rice and other magical things grape leaves are supposed to be filled with.  In a word? PERFECTION.  The feta and mixed olives in the platter really rounded this one out.  If you’re looking for a great mix of mediterranean delights, this will please your crowd.  The tray was piled high, and had a little something for everyone.  I am not a huge falafel fan, so I skipped out on tasting that, but some of the bloggers had mixed reviews on this one… No one really loved the falafel, but no one really hated it either.  But everything else on the platter? Total Hit!!

cold cuts

Next up is the Whole Foods Antipasto Platter.  Let’s just take a minute to admire the beauty that is Italian meats, cheeses, and preserved vegetables.  I know. take a minute.  Have a moment of silence if you need to.  This was just awesome.  Every little thing on this platter was excellent.  The meats were not too spicy, the cheese was soft and mild, (not too salty, either!), and the marinated artichokes and roasted red peppers tasted great when wrapped in a piece of salami!  Forget the bread- who needs carbs when this seasoned meat and herb glazed, olive oil drizzled platter is in front of you?  Yeah. me neither!  Again, like the Mediterranean platter, this one was another hit.  Hungry Mommas were SATISFIED!

roll ups

Whole Foods presented us with a variety of sandwich wrap roll ups-  They were cut into 2″ lengths, and filled with fresh deli meats, roasted vegetables, and mozzarella cheese.  While most of us were distracted by the amazing mountain of olives and hummus, these little guys deserve just as much attention!  They were pint-sized, and offered just a taste of the larger wrap.  Plus, the fact that they were visually appealing, they added a little heartiness to the party.


I feel like I saved one of the best for last!  The store-prepared homemade Guacamole had a lot to offer our taste buds.  As you can see from the picture, it had fresh chopped tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and even bits of whole jalapeno peppers.  After a few loaded chip-fulls of the chunky guac, my mouth began to notice the jalapeno! Normally when I make guac at home, I skip the kick of the jalapeno- it’s purely just a taste thing.  If you like spicy, but not mouth burning spicy, then you will love this guac from Whole Foods.  Some of the spicy fire-breathing Mommas could not get enough of this!  And a few others thought it was just a bit too spicy.  Perhaps if you were looking to stock your party with guac, you could double check to see if it has jalapeno in it- this way you can have it your way- spicy or just creamy chunky avocado goodness!  Either way, it was delicious!


And, to wash it all down with, Whole Foods gave us a few boxes of Izze all natural soda.  Girls loved this!  Several came back for seconds, or even downed their own bottle.  That, and how fun is an old fashioned glass bottle of soda!


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For full disclosure:

I was not paid to write this review. We received the products mentioned in my post and that’s it. CTWorkingMoms enjoys doing product reviews and we pledge to our readers that we’ll be open and honest with you about any pro’s or con’s we discover.

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  1. Way to utilize hilarity in this food review. I laughed out loud! And oh yeah, the food was good too 🙂

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