A Child’s Healing Touch

The other day I was running around the house like a crazy person (as usual). I was rushing to pick out clothes to wear for whatever event (I can’t even remember!) I was running late for, when I slammed my own finger in the dresser drawer. Intense, throbbing pain flooded through my body. I so wanted to shout out every expletive in the human vocabulary, but my daughter was standing there, watching me jump up and down, face turning beet red, while grabbing my finger in agony. The look on her face was of complete bewilderment.

Finally, I could not hold it in anymore and shouted “Ooooouuuuccchhhh!!!” at the top of my lungs. I also fell to floor and kind of cried like a baby. In that moment, all of my life stressors and emotions outside of my personal injury bubbled up and I was a big ball of mess. I hated to have a mental breakdown in front of my kid, but hey, she needs to witness the good and the bad in life, right?

Then, the unexpected happened…..My two and a half year old daughter climbed into my lap and gave me a strong, comforting hug. The surge I felt from that hug transported me back in time to when I was little and my mommy would soothe my boo-boo’s. It was surreal. She then immediately proceeded to the drawer where we store her princess band-aids. When I stated I did not need a band-aid because I was not bleeding, she calmly insisted, “I will get you a band-aid mommy and you will feel better!”


Indeed, I felt better. And yes, I need a manicure.

We all know raising a child is hard work. Many times, our whole world revolves around this little being. Sure she throws tantrums, wakes us up in the middle of the night, and sometimes refuses to eat the food I make her. But those moments when my daughter showers me with unconditional love and support take my breath away. These are the moments when I realize she is paying attention to my every word and action and emulating my behavior. I am amazed that at such a young age my daughter rose to the occassion, tended to my pain, and was a “little mommy” to me. I am grateful for this moment where I have fully realized that nothing in this world compares to the healing power of my child.

12 thoughts on “A Child’s Healing Touch

  1. Thank you all for the beautiful comments. I try (and not always succeed) at setting a good, nurturing example for my daughter. But I must also give props to my husband who is the calming force in our family and to our daughter for having such a sweet, caring heart!

  2. Aww…MG, even if Mia is a sweet natured child, clearly it is your nurturing behavior that she is emulating. Love this!

  3. Awww, you are obviously being an awesome role model for your daughter! I love when they emulate empathetic behaviors! 🙂

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