Magical Monday: Everyday-Superpowers!


This weekend on My Everyday Magic we shared some of our Superpowers with each other. I was motivated to do this because I’d noticed when someone would post something as part of their magic that I wanted…I would end up getting it! For instance, in the beginning of January, someone had posted that they were grateful for their “super-happy-husband.” This struck me so hard because my hubby had NOT been in a good place for….many years. Hearing that a “super-happy-husband” was even something that was REAL and possible, made me yearn. In my comments to her, I said “I want that!”  Just a few days later I GOT it.

Another example is one poster who’s magic included being “happy in her role as Mother” and “really enjoying their homeschool routine.” Again these were things that were simply eluding me…but to hear it was possible, well that’s all I needed. I said “I want that!” And again, just days later, I got it.

Now as a disclaimer, I have to admit that getting these things I wanted so badly took a bit of work. The happy husband involved me fleeing to Maine for 5 days with my kids (so he could have some alone time to figure things out) and many difficult, but breakthrough, conversations. We committed to creating new patterns and rhythms together (part of which included that frequent hot sex that I’m so fond talking about).  Finding happiness in my role as Mother and finding a flowing homeschool routine were offshoots of these new patterns and rhythms. But the bottom line is… hearing about other peoples’ Everyday-Superpowers HELPED me. It helped me see what was possible ~ and if they could do it, I could do it too.

The past two months in my home and have been beautiful, fun, connected, and magical. I’m so, so grateful.

So, here are some of MY Everyday-Superpowers which you are welcome to glean from:

* Graceful Wake-Ups! Most days, even though I wake up earlier than I’d like, I handle it gracefully and can appreciate our flow. (This is a superpower for me because I used to get SO MAD if I was woken up before 7am! Now I can wake up at 5:30 am and not exactly like it, but I don’t get pissed off either.)

* Easy Bedtimes! Usually around 7-7:30 my 5 year old asks to go to sleep. I bring him up and he’s asleep within 15 minutes. My husband reads and puts the baby to bed EVERY NIGHT. My baby now joyfully waves goodnight to me as he takes Papa’s hand up the stairs. *sigh*

* Lots of GREAT SEX! I have to say, I think A LOT of the flow my family has found these last two months is due to the frequent connection my hubby and share. We’re just happier all around…and that makes our family happier too.

* I am ABUNDANT! I have a cleaning lady who comes every other week, an awesome landscaping company who tends our yard, and I live in a GORGEOUS house in a GORGEOUS town! I also know, like I know I know, that when I’m planning my BIG projects in the coming weeks that the BIG money will start rolling in effortlessly! It’s so easy!

* Declutter- Extraordinaire! My house is neat and tidy and a JOY to look at! I’ve decluttered almost every nook and cranny in this house and the energy is FABULOUS!

* Food- Fearless! I enjoy an abundance of food and so do my children. We eat fruits, veggies, chips, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, EVERYTHING! I don’t want my kids to fear food for any reason (cavities, health, whatever). I let them follow their body wisdom and they are VERY HEALTHY!

* I LOVE MYSELF! It’s been a journey with lots of inner work and I’m finally in a place where I love and accept myself unconditionally and not only that, I think I’m pretty darn awesome! What a freeing, LOVELY thing to say about myself!

Never underestimate the power of Everyday-Superpowers! Take from mine what you will, and share yours if so inspired!

Happy Magical Monday! ♥


12 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Everyday-Superpowers!

  1. I love this post! By staying positive it helps manifest so many great things!!! Ps lots of sex always makes me smile too!

  2. You are a super hero, and I love you!

    Lately I have not been feeling too “super”, but I know we are, as a family, on the verge of some great things! I know you say my superpower is manifesting, but I have not had the time or space lately to sit and REALLY think about it… maybe we need another goddess circle soon (please)?

  3. My everyday superpower: my ability to reach my goals by setting my own INTENTIONS. Also, realizing ABUNDANCE by recognizing it everywhere I look.

  4. This is fantastic, Kate! The energy that you put out there is magnified in what you get back – sounds like you’re in hurricane of good vibes!

  5. I love this post! I think I say that every week but it’s so true. And I agree with your last one, you ARE awesome. You are very important to me and just knowing you has changed my life. Do you ever get tired of me telling you that?

    Ooo perhaps that is a superpower of mine. Letting other people know in a geniune way what they are good at, what they mean to me and when they are appreciated.

    1. That IS a wonderful super-power you have, Michelle ~ and an amazing one. Not many people are comfortable doing that! And no, I NEVER get tired of you lovin’ on me! 😉

  6. I love you! I woke up this morning feeling tired and not very powerful. Reading this turned my mindset around almost instantly. Now I am channeling my superpowers as I dry my hair and rush to get ready for work. Thanks 🙂

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