The Mom Cave

Have you ever dreamed of going to a place of peace and tranquility that was made just for you? A place where bits of chewed up banana and stray princess underpants do not reside anywhere in the room? A place where you can work/exercise/hide from your child/swear/daydream? I know we all long for that place. For me, I am slowly staking my claim on a piece of territory in our home where I can feel normal and productive.

A few weeks ago, at my husband’s suggestion, we decided to convert our junk room spare room into my home office. It was always my intention to turn this room into a children’s craft room or playroom. But upon examining our home, it appears as if my toddler owns the place as she has staked her claim on the family room, the kitchen, her room, and sometimes our room. Even my husband has his own “man cave” in our basement complete with a bar and kegerator, a uniquely useless object in our home that refrigerates a keg of beer providing fresh, cold brew on tap for days and days. Despite this, I totally felt guilty about taking over an entire room for my own purposes. I guess I had resigned myself to the fact that the only places for me to enjoy peace and quiet were in my closet or the bathroom. But my job as a lobbyist necessitated having a printer, scanner, filing cabinets, phone, computer, and a comfortable place to send out e-mails and read proposed legislation at all hours of the night. Sitting in bed in the dark with my IPad and papers everywhere were no longer cutting it. So I got over the guilt, took over the junk room, and I love it!

Please, take a moment and step into what I like to call… mom cave:

Right now it is a bit boring and beige. It is a repository for mismatched, old furniture. Notice the kitchen table serving as my “desk?” My husband inherited this table 10 years ago from Aunt Nancy who was going to throw it out after she remodeled her kitchen. Nonetheless, I love this room because it is bright with beautiful views of the hills. The only other room with the same great view is our bathroom. It is way more peaceful to observe this view from my makeshift desk than in there. And in the words of my daughter, I love it because it’s mine!

Upon doing some searching on the internet, I found that HGTV had a show called “Mom Caves.” It was cancelled. I wonder why? Is it because nobody bothered to watch since moms just don’t think they deserve them or that they do not have the space since aliens children took over their homes? Perhaps. Anyway, here are some mom cave essentials according to the home decor goddesses:


It is my wish for every mom to have a mom cave space in their home. They do not have to be perfect and straight out of Better Homes and Gardens (see photo of my mom cave above). It could be a favorite chair or a nook in the living room by the fire place. Moms deserve to have a space where they can relax and rejuvenate. After all, the man cave is so widely accepted, why not the mom cave?According to New York designer Elaine Griffin, a mom cave is “a space where the woman that nurtures everyone can go to nurture herself.” I could not agree more.

Here are some pics of other mom caves for inspiration (via pinterest of course):

Cozy, cute nook.
Cozy, cute nook.


If I had this little nook, I would never leave!
If I had this in my house, I would close the doors and never leave!
Yup, had to throw that in there since most of us have been yearning for spring.
Yup, had to throw this in here since most of us have been yearning for spring to get here.

Sometimes, I feel as if I’ve lost “it.” Not my sanity or my patience (although those fall into question at times), but the “it” that used to define me: the organized, put-together woman, wife and friend. I am glad I now have a place to re-energize, get a little work done, have a glass of wine, and enjoy some “me” time. Do you have a home office or sacred mom space? If not, I wish you well in creating a space all your own! And if you ever need a space to relax, have a drink, bitch about your kid(s)/spouse/life, my mom cave (and my husband’s kegerator) is always open.

And always remember ….


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14 thoughts on “The Mom Cave

  1. That photo of the bed with doors (third from last) YES PLEASE! OMG I want a mom cave so badly. Till then I’ll just have to hit you up 🙂

  2. Now I am dreaming of a Mom Cave too. I visit this dream occasionally but unfortunately it never takes fruit. I have a little scrapbooking corner of the family room that is mine but you notice I say Family Room not My Room. Maybe I should push just a bit more for my very own Mom Cave.

    1. Yes mama! I wish you well in pushing for a mom cave. You can say to your hubby that it will make you a better, more relaxed woman. Happy mama, happy family is what I say.

  3. You have just described my house… I have one 6 year old and she has staked her claim on every room! I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. I wish I could convert her playroom but the rooms in our house are small. Totally think us moms deserve a Mom Cave more than dads deserve a Man Cave… just give them a fridge, tv and couch and they are happy (mine would need a computer in his)!

    1. I could not agree with you more about moms deserving a space. I say convert the playroom in a few years. Good luck 🙂

  4. Party in the Mom Cave! We have a Man Cave in our finished garage, but I sometimes use it too 🙂 I would LOVE a room to myself, but probably not in this house!

    1. Haha – Would your hubby let you put up some drapes, a nice chair and some fluffy pillows for you? Maybe you could jointly own the man-mom-cave? I wish a nice space for you someday.

  5. Jealous!! I used to have a home office that was “my space”, but as we got more kids it turned into a bedroom. Hmmm, we do have a little room off the basement that has potential…you may have inspired me MG!

  6. Ohhhhh this is great!!! Now I want a Mom Cave, too!! What a great idea. I agree- my kids have taken over every inch of my house. I have convinced my husband that I could make our bathroom a shade of pink when we finally re-do it (the boys have their own), but a whole ROOM for just me would be awesome!!

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