Planning a Family Garden

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your SEEDS!

The forecast may be snow-filled, but over at my house, we’re focusing on one thing: 40 more days until SPRING! And while “spring” means many things, garden season is a big part of what it means here! Last year was our first year of having an official family garden. It was the first spring that I was not pregnant, moving to a new house, or adjusting to the pace of life as a mom, and we finally felt we had the time and energy to devote to planting and maintaing a vegetable garden. (Note: I used the word “maintaining” loosely there. I admit we just totally stopped weeding by early August…and we vow to do better with this the 2nd time around! Sorry, plants.)

Gardening with kids comes with so very many awesome benefits beyond simply growing tasty food. There are the obvious science lessons, the math involved in planning and designing the garden, the patience and pride that comes from watering plants every day and finally picking that first tomato, the increased likelihood that kids really will eat their veggies if they grew them, the benefits of being outside in the fresh air…the list is seemingly infinite. This year, our focus is on having FUN in our garden. We are planting a “crazy garden”, as my older son is calling it. Here are a few of the things we hope to include!

The reason we’re already in full garden-planning mode here is because many of these super cool plants have to be started indoors first and transplanted to the garden as seedlings when the warm weather arrives. We will be ordering our seeds soon and hopefully starting some seedlings indoors in a month or so…but the time to start thinking “summer gardens” is NOW! Don’t let the snow get you down…growing season is coming soon!


Images are all from the Burpee seed company. Links to the images here:


5 thoughts on “Planning a Family Garden

  1. I’m TOTALLY doing the sunflower fort! And those colored carrots! Keeping this post for reference ~ thank you, Dear Sister!!!!! (did you receive your 2013 Burpee catalog? I haven’t yet….)

  2. I love this! I have this idea of having a vegetable and flower garden full of all crazy-colored veggies and interesting flowers. I’ll totally steal some of your ideas! Okay, now I’m off to, you know, find a house…and a yard…

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