What Rob Lowe Taught Me

I’m a motto/mantra/quotable quote kinda person. Always have been. The school I work at has the motto Be Great and our principal encourages the students to be so great that they inspire greatness in others. I like that. At the beginning of the school year I started a board of Great Words. It has quotes from different people I stumble on that help instill the Be Great message. Students and staff alike stop to read the quotes. One of my favorites on the board is from Rob Lowe. (You had to reread that sentence didn’t you?)

A few years ago Rob Lowe wrote an autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I heard about it while watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show during naptime. I was intrigued, but not enough to buy the book. I picked it up at the library and was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be cheesy. My assumption was that someone that good looking was most certainly vapid. However, it is in fact very well written. The stories about growing up in Hollywood were almost too good to be true, but they were paired with stories about his childhood growing up with an unstable mother and an absent father, which made it more believable. I was struck more than once by something he said and found myself telling people interesting facts from the book. There is one gem that has continued to stick with me and has been motivational for me.

All of us on a daily basis have the opportunity to move forward, backward, or stay put.

Since reading the book there have been many times I’ve been faced with a challenge big or small and said to myself “forward, backward, stay put”. It has been helpful in my work life and in my family life. It’s almost like saying it gives me power to control an uncontrollable situation. I have the choice to wallow in self-pity if I want to, or eat a huge chocolate cupcake even though it’s 65 Weight Watcher points. Or, I have the choice to get off my butt and do something more productive. Most often I chose to move forward, but there have been times I chose stay put. Like those days when Lovey wakes up early after Kitten has been up all night and all I really want to do is go back to bed. Not much is going to get done on those days, but making it a conscious choice makes it OK. This quote is also part of the reason I joined this blog. I decided I was ready to move forward.

As working parents (although I know plenty of SAHMs who struggle with this too) we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform at our best all the time. A bit unrealistic don’t ya think? Perhaps if we gave ourselves permission to stay put more often or even made the decision to go backward now and again we’d ditch the need for perfection and control. As a community of moms we need to empower each other to support this idea. Are we going to work together to move forward, backward, or stay put? I choose forward.

What do you think of this idea?  Do you have any inspirational quotes you’d like to share?


7 thoughts on “What Rob Lowe Taught Me

  1. A great quote. I own and have his book. I’ve gotten to meet Rob Lowe a few times. He was wonderful to fans. I’ve followed him for awhile although I’m not of the Brat Pack generation. Baby Boomer. I stumbled onto him and found myself admiring his “comeback” and changing his life. And not bad to look at either. And no one is a bigger Sam Seaborn fan then me. (Look to Sorkin and Sam for great quotes too.)
    My quote is not from the book directly. It was something that Rob Lowe said when talking about his family on Oprah and promoting the book. Talking about his kids leaving home soon he said – and I’m quoting from memory – “They’re ours for a time then they belong to the world.”
    Thanks for writing about him. I hope he sees this. I may send the link to his Twitter. And he’s working on a second book. ^..^

    1. I remember him making that comment on Oprah as well. Rob Lowe seems like a really down to earth person. My husband and I have a running list of people we’d love to have a beer with, after reading this book, Rob Lowe is on my list. So excited to hear he’s working on a second book.

  2. This is great! I love the concept of forward, backward or stay put. Side note: I had the most gorgeous poster of Rob Lowe in my bedroom as a teenager…oh lord, where did that end up?…

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