I’ll admit it….sometimes I want to sell them.

On the weekend’s we “throwback” to older but still awesome posts!

Post Written by Dena Fleno – originally published September 2011

I love my children unconditionally.

I would donate any part of my body (and have) if they needed it, cancel every meeting or quit my job if they needed me to, stay up all night with their fevers and runny noses… Yes, I would stand in front of a bus for them.

But you know… sometimes I want to sell them.  I have even composed an eBay ad just for those occasions.

Everyone has those moments, those days… those years.  We all at some point look at our lives, stressed to the max with work, spouses, animals, and screaming, yelling, running, Tasmanian Devils kids and wonder, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

If you haven’t had one of those days you are either in denial,  lying, or have now been fairly warned that they are coming.

The truth that no one speaks is that even though we will always love our children, we don’t always like them.

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe she just said that….

But I bet some of you are sitting there nodding your head saying, “Yup, that about sums it up!”

Before I actually had my own kids I would never have imagined these feelings would every rise up in me.  No way, every time I looked at them it would be in wonder and awe of what my husband and I created.

But the kids in my dreams never talked back, peed on the floor, refused to go to bed, threw a tantrum because the cookie broke in half… you get the picture.

My 6-year-old is silly, passionate, loving, obstinate, energetic, and pretty darn smart.  He knows what he wants and how he wants to get the job done, will argue with you that the sky is purple until you almost start to believe it, negotiate the terms of time- out, dinner, and bedtime, and is not afraid to tell you what he thinks if he does not agree with you.  All qualities that will serve him well in adulthood, but drive me to want to, yes, sell him on eBay.

Every parent has those moments, and guess what?

It’s OK…

From birth to the time you take your last breath you will be consumed with doing right by your kids, making sure they are well cared for, become decent human beings.  You are creating art and sometimes you don’t always like what stares back from the canvas.  It takes time and patience, and fake eBay ads to get through it, but you will, and they will too.

And you know what, kids have incredible survival instincts.  Just when I’ve hit my limit and I’m about to hit “Post” on that ad, my son will come up to me and give me the sweetest, most genuine hug and look me straight in the eyes and say “I love you, Mommy.”

And look at him in awe of the thing we created, say “I love you too, Buddy” and put the eBay ad away again, for another day.

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