We Have to Go to Work Tomorrow?


It’s Sunday night and I’m pretty sure every parent everywhere is thinking the same thing – how do we get up tomorrow morning and start our normal work day routine when we can’t stop thinking about the horrible tragedy that just occurred in Newtown?

I have no answers other than to say that we will get up, we will drop our kids off at daycare/school, we will go to work and somehow finish writing that report that we just couldn’t do on Friday as news broke about the shooting. We will tell our kids we love them 1,000 times and annoy them by hugging and kissing them way too much (as we’ve been doing all weekend). And here at CTWorkingMoms – we will continue to blog. We will do all of this with very heavy hearts.

As you know by our name, CTWM’s in based in Connecticut and all of our bloggers live and work in the state. We are heartbroken. We have no idea how to move forward when writing about parenting stuff now feels so trivial.

But we are going to try.

We took most of Friday and all of the weekend off from blogging and communicating via social media out of respect for what has happened in our local community. We also personally needed time to grieve in our own ways.

This week we will go back to regular blogging but it’s going to be hard. We obviously aren’t done grieving, I’m not sure we ever will be but I believe that providing people with a sense of normalcy can be comforting in a time of tragedy. And so, this week we will blog about things that now feel trivial – makeovers, fashion, crafting and all the usual stuff.

Some of us will write about the Newtown tragedy because writing is very therapeutic and because there is still more to be said from the perspective of moms.

But overall, we will try to create some normalcy for all of you. In doing so please know that while most of our blog posts will not be about Newtown – each and every one of us is hurting.

We promise to keep you updated and let you know what you can do to help the families who lost loved ones and the community that is in so much pain. For now, I’m sending everyone a virtual hug because as cheesy as it sounds, the world needs more love.


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