The Tree Debate

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  Snow flakes, eggnog, stockings, the anticipation of Santa coming down the chimney and making your dreams come true! One of the most important staples of Christmas is a Christmas tree.  Most children would put on a winter coat and mittens with their parents and bear the cold while picking the perfect tree to cut down. You would take it and strap it to the top of your car, bring it home, set it up and then let the Christmas tree settle. The smell would envelope the house and the branches would settle and then you would decorate it will glittery ornaments and lights.

The smell of Christmas is in the air

Well that is at least how it was for my husband. I on the other hand went up to the attic with my 3 sisters and got the fake 9 foot tree down from the attic and pieced it together. Do not get me wrong I LOVED THIS. I have wonderful memories of decorating the tree with my parents and sisters. Taking out each individual Victorian ornament (my mother’s theme and let me tell you it was gorgeous) very carefully and standing back to see where it would be placed. We may not have had the smell of a tree but man the memories I have of my family will never go away.

So now I have a child and my husband and I actually care about the tree. Real or Fake? My husband likes the idea of a real tree and all I see is more “work”.

With a real tree we have to go out in the cold, carry the huge ass piece of dead tree home, and then water it, set it up, clean up pine needles, makes sure animals do not pee on it (I do not even have cats anymore but I know we will), then taking it down, blah, blah, blah….

Merry Piss-mas TREE!

I know many people out there will tell me heartfelt things like “oh it’s a wonderful tradition” and my husband would agree but I just see it as a pain in the ass. I would rather be spending the time with family not doing that. I gather I am this way due to never having a real tree and not feeling I lost anything. So like any good marriage my husband and I have compromised.


How I see compromise (Just kidding)


I can have my fake tree until the children (we only have one so far) are older and then we will start the tradition of a real tree. Hopefully it will be fun and not disastrous like I think it may be.  So for now my husband will go down stars and bring the pre-lit, put together tree which already has the ornaments on it (I just put a sheet over it after it is placed in the basement) and I will light a candle that smells like Christmas tree to make my husband feel like a child again.

Actually may be cute to see my husband and son

So what traditions are maybe different for you and your significant other? How do you compromise to maybe start new traditions?

One thought on “The Tree Debate

  1. We’ve always done the real tree thing, but I’m thinking you may be onto something. This year decorating was just a pain in the ass and I was less than interested ~ we contemplated doing the fake tree and just might next year!

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