I’m a Big Footed Mama

I have a confession to make.

I have huge, ugly feet. I’m not talking about just my actual feet either – I also have huge big toes which to me are crazy looking, so I usually keep them hidden.

Don’t worry, I won’t do this to you.

I was a size ten for most of my adult life which is understandable since I am 5’10”. Because of my large feet I already knew that when you are looking at an adorable shoe in the store and the display is a size six it is a huge difference in a size ten. It looks more like a boat with glitter on it rather than a trendy heel. It seems like shoes below size nine are fun, trendy, and cute but all of a sudden size ten and above go to dumpy, frumpy shoes.

A shoe boat – get it?!

Over time I have dealt with my big feet by buying shoes that make them look slimmer — think dark colors, etc. However, I have a new issue that has come to surface only since having a baby.

Like most women my feet swelled during pregnancy which I expected but what I didn’t expect was for one to go back to normal and the other to not. So now not only do I have huge disgusting feet but now I have one foot that is a size 10 and one that’s a 10.5.

Do you realize how annoying it is to try to find shoes now? The one thing I have always loved about shoes is that they never change. I can gain weight and lose weight but my shoes have always been my faithful friend who did not make me feel bad after the holidays.

I am obviously an adult so attempting something sneaky like switching the shoes in the shoe box so that I happen to go home with a size 10 and a size 10.5 won’t fly.

There are a lot of us big footed ladies who don’t want orthopedic shoes just because our feet are bigger. Even as I write this I realize how dumb and petty this blog sounds but after so many changes with becoming a mother (good and bad) this was one I was not expecting.

So ladies with big feet or freakish feet where do you get your shoes??? Please tell me I am not destined to wear the same shoes my 96-year-old grandma and mother do…

10 thoughts on “I’m a Big Footed Mama

  1. When I was growing up my dad used to (lovingly) make fun of my feet. As an adult I’m about 5’7″ and wear a 9.5 or a 10. But think about it ladies… How often do you look at someone’s feet? Or say, wow, that lady has big feet? It’s not something people notice usually. There are so many other things that catch our attention. So, as my own girls grow up I’m sure one of them is destined to have larger feet. And I’ll explain to her that she has a better center of balance and can always borrow shoes from my closet. 🙂

  2. I have been a size 10 since 8th grade. I was ridiculously skinny and looked like Ronald McDonald. I’m pretty sure I’m now a 10.5 after having Dylan. It’s a total pain. However, I’m only 5’7″. I feel like I should be at least 3 inches taller to have such ginormous feet.

  3. HAHAHA! 🙂 I have ugly, giant toes too!!!! I hate, hate, hate sandal and flip flop season. I second Footprints, but also, sale rack at Macy’s! They ALWAYS have the best shoes in small and larger sizes because they middle sizes sell out! You can get amazing shoe deals, especially at the Westfarms Mall, if you’re a 10!!! As for the two sizes thing…I have NO idea what I’d do! I guess I’d shop for the bigger foot? My feet went from regular to wide and up a half size from kids. These kids OWE us BIG TIME.

  4. Footprints in newington off Berlin turnpike ( across street from stew Lenard’s). When I was pregnant my mom took me there. They have a huge selection of shoes- many European types. Some are dowdy but most are lovely and stylish.
    I have big feet and high arches so I was able to find the right fit for me.
    Totally worth it.

  5. That first picture is cracking me UP! Great post. I wear size nine but can relate to how bad some shoes look on you versus how cute they look in the display. Those really pointy-toed ones? Look RIDICULOUS on me. I look like I am rooted to the floor, like I’ve literally grown roots. Ugh.

  6. I wear a size 10 also. After two kids, some of my shoes that used to feel good, don’t anymore. I even have a pair of sneakers from when I was pregnant that are size 11. That was not a fun day at the shoe store.

  7. Haha Katie! I have size 5 feet so have a prob with finding shoes that fit since most start at 6. So if I find a pair of shoes I have to have that start in size 6, I use those gel insoles to make them fit. Maybe you could put one on the size 10 foot to even things out? Or wear a heavier sock? Good luck mama and I laughed out loud over the pic.

  8. I do not have big feet, but my understanding is that Nordstrom will sell mixed-sized pairs of shoes. They also do a good job of carrying odd sizes (my mom needs size 5–nearly impossible to find sometimes).

  9. Try Liz Claiborn heels and boots. I understand your pain and LC shoes are the only ones that don’t hurt and still look both trendy and professional. I got mine at DSW and instantly fell in love and bought 3 more pair of her brand. Love them all!

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