Thrifty Thursday: Handmade Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love this time of year – the holidays. Getting together with friends and family. The smells, decorations, music, the spirit of giving. What I do NOT enjoy is the stress of trying to figure out where the h-e-double hockey stick the money is going to come from to purchase gifts for everyone on my “nice” list. 

Reflecting back on past gifts I have received, often times the ones I treasured most were handmade. I mean, think about it. That person spent time creating something *just for me.* That is such a great feeling – knowing that someone cared enough about me to take the time to make something they thought I would like. That is exactly why I wanted to write this post. Whether you are strapped for cash this holiday season, or really want to take the time to show the ones you love how much they mean to you with a little handmade love – I’m pretty sure you will find at least one gift idea you will want to try out for some special people in your life!

Here are my top picks:

1. Gifts in a Jar – I have a mason jar obsession. They really have so much potential and the possibilities are endless! Check out The Frugal Girls for an abundance of ideas for how to turn a jar into a thoughtful, very cute gift. How about giving someone on your gift list a cute jar containing all of the ingredients for a special holiday cookie? Or filling it with homemade crock pot applesauce? Oh yes, there is even the idea for “Smores in a Jar!” There is even an idea for a sugar scrub spa gift in a jar!

Personalize your jar with ribbon and cut-outs

2. Monogram Mugs – Such a fun gift for the coffee and hot coco drinkers in your life! Check out Design Mom for her tutorial. I have made personalized mugs in the past and used only 3 things: the mug, a sharpie marker, and my oven. Draw your design with your sharpie (any color!) and then bake it in your oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. Allow them to cool completely before washing and using.

3. Decoupage Picture Frame – Check out Nikki in Stitches for a full tutorial. Add a special photo to your frame and you have a very personalized gift for anyone on your list!

Find some fun scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to create the look you want!

4. Salt Dough Ornaments – This is a very sweet gift and your child(ren) will have fun helping you make these! Go to Nest of Posies to learn how to make these sentimental gifts. You can even take it a step further by painting the ornaments after they are fully cooked! 

How adorable are these?

5. For the Kids – There are some pretty awesome handmade gift ideas for the children yin your life as well. Visit DIY Natural for some creative projects including a Felt Car Mat (this is a great idea for the kiddos that love their Matchbox cars and trucks)! Or how about a set of homemade finger paints for the little ones that love getting their hands dirty?

Break out the Matchbox cars!!!

6. Thumbprint Pendant – And just in case you missed my Keepsake Bling post, check it out and learn how to make a beautiful fingerprint pendant for a necklace (a great gift for your child’s grandmother, aunt, godmother, caregiver… and of course you should make one for yourself as well!

 Wishing you much joy and creativity throughout this holiday season! …Now go get craftin’!


Photo Credits: HereHere, Here, Here and Here

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