30 Days of Thanks From a Working Mom

You may have noticed in your Facebook feed this month that some friends are using their Facebook walls to let the world know what they are thankful for this November.  The idea behind 30 days of Thanks is to use the month of November as a reminder to be grateful for what you have by taking a moment each day to appreciate and be thankful for something in your life.  It does not have to be something major and you don’t have to use Facebook as the outlet to do this.  Even simple pleasures deserve recognition and thanks.

Over the past few weeks, I have been jotting down my thanks in a notebook in preparation for this post but this is also something good to do with the kids.  You could ask them what they are thankful for each day over breakfast or dinner and write their answers on a calendar or in a journal.

Because it seems that most people tend to take so much for granted every day, this is a good exercise to remind yourself of how lucky you are this holiday season.

So here goes.  I am thankful for:

1.  My family.  My kids, my husband, and my parents especially.  I am who I am today because of all of you.

2.  Coffee.  I need my caffeine in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon as well.

3.  Mountains.  There is no peacefulness like that you will find on the summit of a high peak.  I am grateful to have experienced this.

4.  Uggs.  Thank you for being the most comfortable shoe ever.

5.  My friends.  Thank you for all of the good company, laughs and support.

6.  My crockpot.  Thank you for making a delicious home cooked meal really simple.

7.  My health and my healthy children.  Good health should not be taken for granted.

8.  Blankets.  Life would not be the same without being able to cuddle up under a warm, fuzzy blanket.

9.  Pedicures.  A foot rub and pretty toes can really lift your spirits.

10.  New England and all of its charm.  I love where I live.

11.  Campfires.  There is no better way to spend a brisk fall night than to sit around a fire and stare up at the stars.

12.  Wine.  Thank you for being the ultimate de-stresser.

13.  My mattress.  Thank you for being so comfortable and for giving me a good night’s sleep when my children will allow it.

14.  My daughters’ schools/caregivers.  Thank you for being so caring and wonderful.

15.  Chocolate.  Thank you for being so yummy.

16.  United States of America.  I am proud to be an American and I appreciate those who serve and have served our country.

17.  Music.  Thank you for giving me something to sing along to.

18.  Christmas lights.  Thank you for being so pretty or so tacky as the case may be.

19.  Yoga pants.  Thank you for being a bit more classy than sweatpants.

20.  My double Medela breast pump.  Thank you for making my life easier.

21.  Animals and Scooby in particular.  Every living creature is beautiful in its own way.

22.  Thunderstorms.  There is something magnificent about thunder and lightning.

23.  Dora the Explorer.  As the mom of 2 girls, I thank you for giving me 20 minutes of time whenever needed.

24.  Facebook.  Thank you for keeping us all connected.

25.  Pizza.  Thank you for all of your cheesy goodness.

26.  Ice cream.  A frozen treat worthy of thanks.

27.  Vacations.  Time off from your everyday life should be mandatory.

28.  Sports.  Competitive sports are fun to play and to watch.

29.  French Fries.  Fried potatoes are a delicacy even when served in cardboard boxes.

30.  CT Working Moms.  Thank you to the bloggers and to the readers for sharing the journey of motherhood with me and helping me along the way.

I could easily keep going because life truly is a gift and I fortunately have so much to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for this year?  Take a minute or two if you haven’t already to count your blessings.


Photo credits here and here.

For Full disclosure: I personally purchased any items mentioned above and did not receive any compensation for mentioning them. My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CTWorkingMoms.com.

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