The Fear and Joy of Vacation

WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Jumping up and down, Smiling ear to ear, doing happy dance.

My husband and I just booked a vacation without our son for March! We are going to have a completely, relaxing, irresponsible vacation this year and for one week pretend we aren’t parents. Now as I say this please do not for one second I do not love being a mother, because having Max is the best thing that happened to me but almost two years ago I was robbed.

Robbed of what you may ask?

My vacation!

You see two years ago I had a vacation planned with the Hubby at a gorgeous resort in the Rivera Maya and guess who got knocked up and found out a week before she went. I know, I know it shouldn’t be a bad thing but I could not do many things I would normally do on vacation which included sushi, booze, crazy excursions, booze, booze, oh and booze.

So I felt a bit robbed. I have never been rich, or raised to go on tons of vacations as a child but when I started working I swore I would try to do some traveling. I can’t lie though as I sat there staring at my husband drinking a cold beer, trying exotic food and not peeing all the time on a gorgeous beach I was a bit irritated. It’s like putting christmas toys in front of a child and then ripping them away. It was just cruel.

I would never want to go on that type of vacation with a newborn, pumping, and with no sleep so I have not missed “vacation” for a while. But now my son is over one, sleeping through the night and on a great schedule (I am knocking on wood as I say this) so I feel more like my old self and want a getaway.

Which is why I am ecstatic for a vacation “do over.” I recognize that when a second child comes down the road and the kids get older we will be doing “family” vacations (which will rock!) and it will be more difficult to ask family to watch several children, so I am jumping at the chance to have one last “Couple” vacation. I will be with my husband having a margarita, taking a nap during the day and not worrying about what I am consuming could harm anyone or anything except my thighs and midwaist.

So ladies – what do you wish you could do over when it comes to becoming a mom? It doesn’t just have to be a vacation!

5 thoughts on “The Fear and Joy of Vacation

  1. lol! I found out I was pregnant with ds1 right before a vacation ~ I was also so bummed not to be able to booze like I usually do. I hear ya, Sister! Have a GREAT time!!

  2. I got rubbed on a nice vacation when we went on a cruise in 2010. It was my husband’s family reunion and it was a free vacation so no complaints there. But we had our 6month old with us. My 4 yr old enjoyed the day camp on board while I was stuck with a baby that I could leave with anyone. But the worst was that my brother-in-law promised to babysit for us at least one night and when I went to cash the promise in, he said he could not. I was pissed and now over 2 years later I still can’t look at him the same way. I lost a little respect for him. I am looking forward to 2014 and hope to go on a cruise and have that amazing vacation.

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