Fashion-Forward Friday: Glitter Style

Hi all! I’m guest posting in Marie’s usual spot this week. I would never have guessed I’d be writing in this column because I don’t consider myself fashion forward by any means! However, the fabulous Marie recently sent me this link that shows you how to make your own glitter flats. YES – you can make your own glittery shoes!! Marie made herself a pair last year and wore them to work all the time and she would get tons of compliments. Being a lover of things that sparkle I decided to take on this glittery shoe making project for myself. And readers I’m here to walk you through the process in case you want to add some sparkle to your life too!

You will need (I got all the supplies, minus the shoes at A.C. Moore):

1. A pair of flats that you don’t mind covering in glue and sparkles.

2. Mod Podge

3. Sparkles (color of your choice!)

4. A foam brush and some paper plates.

5. A spray gloss that you’ll use at the end (Marie didn’t use this with hers but I did, so I suppose this is optional!)

Here are the flats I used (snagged them at Payless):

OK so the first thing you want to do is grab your paper plate and dump some Mod Podge on it (several tablespoons worth). Then add lots of glitter and mix it up.

Now you can use your foam brush and start putting the glue/sparkle mix on your shoes! Here is my personal tip: DAB IT ON. Learn from my mistakes people. I was brushing it on and ended up using way too much of the mixture because I couldn’t get it on the shoe properly. It took me several coats of the mixture to figure out I needed to gently dab it on – whoops!

Once you get it all over the outside of your shoe you will need to let it completely dry before adding another coat. Due to my excessive use of the glue mixture I had to wait several hours for it to dry in between coats – until I started dabbing! Then it was a much shorter wait time. Also please note that after the first and second coats you will see spots that still need more glitter – that’s why you need to do three to four coats of the mixture. Don’t fret – I promise you that in the end your whole shoe will be covered and they will look fabulous!

This is how my shoe looked after two coats (still wet):

Here is what my shoe looked like after drying – still needed another coat, you can see the spots that needed work:

After you have done 3-4 coats of the glitter glue and it’s completely dry you can hit up your new sparkly shoes with some spray gloss. You’ll want to either do this outside or in your basement because it’s pretty smelly. All you do is lightly spray around your shoe and then let it dry.

My final product:

You will be amazed at how easy this is! You may also find yourself wanting to sparkle EVERYTHING. In fact, I did a second pair of shoes using multi-color glitter and freaking LOVE them!!!

Let us know if you decided to embark on this glittery shoe adventure! Here’s to more sparkles – everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Fashion-Forward Friday: Glitter Style

  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! I don’t have the motivation to do it for myself, but I’m a size 7 in case anyone wants to know. lol! You KNOW I’m down with more sparkles everywhere!!! ♥

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