“The Change”

We’re not talking hot flashes and mood swings here.  Think more along the lines of moving from room to room at daycare.  (And here is where I apologize for analogizing my son’s daycare experience with menopause.  Sorry, Spud!)  We’re talking about the times during my son’s growth and development when he moves on from the current room he’s in at school to the next.  He started out in the infant room, once he was crawling he moved on up to the crawler/stander room, and then he moved on to the walking/trotting room, and now he’s in what my husband and I like to call the “Lego Room.”  (Named for the Lego Duplo table set up that Jake is crazy about in this room).  He runs, he climbs, he talks, he eats with his own utensils, and knows which bin his blanket is in for nap time based on the fact that he can recognize his picture on the front of it.  He’s totally impressive and can do 10 times more things than he could this time last year, and he already comes up to my hips.  The little guy is turning into a big guy, and while we could not be happier, we have to deal with “the change” at every transition.  He loves his teachers, he loves playing with all of his friends, and he can’t get enough of all of the fun toys, craft projects, cooking days, and visits from fire trucks, but when it comes time for him to go into a new room with new teachers and new things, it takes him about a week to really settle in there.  We are in the midst of “the change” as I write this.  Drop offs in the morning are a little tough.  I have to distract him with toys and immerse him in the project that his teachers are conducting when we arrive in order to avert a sad and sobbing scene.  While his teachers assure me that within minutes he doesn’t even realize I’m gone, and he’s all into this play zone, it still is a pretty not-cool way to leave him in the morning to go to work.  I know that by the end of this week he should be pretty set in with his new teachers and friends, but at the same time, I start to feel that terrible “mom guilt” all over again!  I mean, how can I just willingly leave this face in tears?

5 thoughts on ““The Change”

  1. Aww what a sweet post. I still feel guilty 2.5 years later leaving her when she’s crying and reaching for us when we jet off to work. But I know she’s in good hands, loves her friends, and will have fun. You are a good mama!

  2. It’s tough to leave a sad little one. I give my daughter yogurt every morning when we arrive at daycare that way she’s super happy after the occasional tears and/or tantrum and saying bye bye to me by the time I leave. I also call twice a day to hear about her day which helps me feel like I’m not missing as much 🙂

  3. They seem to fly through rooms at daycare. One thing ours does that has made the change very easy is our daughter will spend time in the next room now and then before she is moved. They will let her stay in there for an hr or two a couple days a week leading up to the move. This way she gets use to the teachers and other kids in the room and when she is moved in there for good she already feels right at home.

  4. I stopped having mommy guilt a long time ago. When it first happened with my daughter it pulled at the heart strings that one day. Afterwards she was fine. My son on the other hand has a crying moment at least once to three times a week (he is three). It does not bother me, more annoys me. Like seriously, he knows he has fun at school and that his dad picks him up everyday. When he has his little crying setion, I just kiss him goodbye and walk out the door, I’m usually late for work already. Yes, I can be insensitive when I find my children’s crying is for no reason.

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