Thrifty Thursday: Candy Wrapper Crafts

Are you are up to your eyeballs in candy after trick-or-treating with the kiddos last night? You are in luck because after you help your little, or not so little, ones eat their candy (tough job I know, but someone has to do it!) there are some pretty awesome projects you can do with those left-over wrappers. Why throw them away when you can recycle them into something fun?

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Hop on over to for 10 crafty projects you can make with those unwanted candy wrappers such as a sweet tooth pouch, some candy wrapper decoupage light-switch plates,  or even upcycled barrettes?

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Or maybe I can interest you in a cute candy wrapper belt for your child(ren)? My daughter really needs a belt with some of her pants and I think making one of these for her would look absolutely darling on her!

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Who knew that you could help the earth and eat chocolate all at once? So chew, crunch, lick, or munch away on those tasty treats. And after you’re done, put that sugar high to good use and get craftin’!

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