Rainy Day Fun: Easy Breezy Play Dough Recipe

If all of the hype about Sandy the hurricane was legit, then there is a good chance that you do not have power this morning.  Even if by some miracle your lights are on, it is almost certainly raining and much too windy to take the children outside to play.  If you are lucky enough to be reading this post from somewhere else in the world where it is sunny and 80 degrees, please still read on as there will come a day when you are looking for something fun to keep your little one busy when a trip to the local playground is not possible.

Recently, my 23 month old and I spent a good hour or so together in the kitchen while concocting our own play dough.  We had a blast measuring, mixing and making the dough, trying to turn it orange, and then playing games and just being silly with our sticky concoction.

I was looking for a quick, easy recipe that did not require cooking and could be made with ingredients stocked in my pantry.  While I have read that the dough does not last as long when made using a no-cook recipe, I wasn’t looking to make long-lasting play dough.  Rather, I was simply trying to find something to occupy a blustery Fall morning and so the following recipe found on www.kiddinaround.com was just the ticket.

You will need the following ingredients:

(and who doesn’t have these items even during a hurricane?)

  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup water

My daughter mixed the flour and salt in the bowl and then dumped in the pre-measured water  and stirred everything together.

I showed her how to knead the dough into a workable consistency although she did not like getting her fingers messy so I had to do the bulk of the kneading. We added a little extra water to get the consistency just right.

We tried to color the dough orange with some red and yellow liquid food coloring but instead, we ended up with peach play dough and I ended up with orange fingertips.  I have no experience with gel food coloring but I am willing to bet that the gel might be easier to work with for this activity.  No matter because my daughter and I still had fun!

We divided the dough into balls and practiced counting.  We rolled out the dough and made shapes and we even played peek a boo!

Hope everyone fared well during the storm and is able to enjoy some extra quality family time this week even if you do not have electricity!


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Fun: Easy Breezy Play Dough Recipe

  1. Very cute idea….but to be honest, I do not have flour in my house. I don’t have a lot of stuff in my pantry, LOL. 😉

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