Milk in Champagne Glasses

The other night at dinner, a Monday night mind you, I asked my husband if he wanted to enjoy a glass of wine during dinner. As I was getting out the wine glasses, Ben asked if he could use a wine glass too. I immediately said no. Our wine glasses are very thin and would break easily if dropped. He didn’t really whine about it, just asked why not. I explained why and he was fine with it. But then I thought to myself, self, this is a time to be a fun mom. Just make them happy.

So I busted out the box of plastic champagne flutes we got the day we moved into our house, and poured the boys’ milk into them. They were thrilled and it was a really nice, relaxed, fun dinner. I’m so glad I said yes for a change.


4 thoughts on “Milk in Champagne Glasses

  1. Love this! We used to do stuff like this on New Year’s Eve when I was a kid and it always felt so grownup and special. I’ll have to get some of these plastic glasses. I like to say Yes as much as possible but sometimes you just can’t. I’ve heard of mamas doing entire Yes days and I want to try that.

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