Giveaway Alert! A Chance to See Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd…

Yes, you read that headline right! We’re teaming up with the Connecticut Forum to get the word out about their upcoming event – The State of Women: Exploring Rights, Roles, Politics and Power. The event is taking place at the Bushnell in Hartford on October 12th at 8 PM. Gloria Steinem and Ashley Judd are just two of the events panelists and we’re giving away two free tickets!

The event will delve into the question – what are the most important issues facing women today?

As moms, you will likely find yourself drawn to issues around motherhood. A lot of topics that have been discussed right here on are very relevant to the discussion: paid maternity leave, paid sick days, workplace flexibility, access to affordable and quality health insurance, breastfeeding rights and more.

Their website teaser text reads:

The myth of “having it all” sparks a passionate response from working women and stay-at-home mothers alike.

Additionally, issues of reproductive rights and gender equality are in the headlines every day. And politicians are spending more time discussing women’s issues than they have in years.

You even have a chance to pose your own question(s) to the panelists, an aspect of the event that I personally think is very cool. Click here to see how to submit your question.

This is your chance to score two free tickets to this intriguing event!

Simply leave a comment on this post by Friday at 8 AM telling us what you think is the most important issue facing moms. The winner will be announced Friday afternoon.

A few details:

  • We were not paid for this giveaway.
  • One entry per person.
  • We love giving stuff away, especially when it means you get to attend a fabulous event! Let us know how it goes.

12 thoughts on “Giveaway Alert! A Chance to See Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd…

  1. I think one of the biggest challenges women today face is dealing with the constant pressure put upon us by society and the unrealistic portrayals of women in the media, the biggest issue we face because of this is how do we raise our children without creating another generation of women who expect perfection from themselves. We are bombarded by images of mothers who either perfectly balance work and family(while looking fabulously coiffed in that suit), or women who don’t work and instead keep the perfect home, cook three organic, gluten free delicious meals a day, fill their children’s days with perfectly scheduled crafts and activities while maintaining the perfect body in that chic Victoria’s Secret velour suit. How do we reconcile within ourselves that the celebrity who just walked out of the maternity ward in her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans looking toned and refreshed is not realistic and pass that message along. How do we teach our girls that flaws are fabulous, perfection is an illusion and society’s image of what they need to grow up to be is bullshit(in perhaps more child friendly terms).

  2. I think what goes hand in hand with the myth of “having it all”, is the reality of “worrying about it all” and how do we as women take on the responsibility of making sure everything is ok. I know it’s often self imposed, but often it’s ingrained in our culture. Moms work, they do the majority of the childrearing and the housework, and that’s just the half of it. How do we do it and maintain our sense of selves and sanity?? (seriously, if anyone knows, let me in on the secret!)

  3. I think we need to pay better attention about the lack of women in leadership positions – both in politics and in the corporate world. We need a more equal representation of women in these power roles before we’ll start seeing women’s issues addressed appropriately.

  4. My thinking was along the same lines as Mindbodyshift. I think we need to look hard at the education we are providing our children and if it is still preparing them well for the world as it will be in 20+ years.

  5. Everyone seems to be talking about work/life balance, and I agree that that is important. However, I prefer to think about it as prioritization, which needs to be an almost daily practice. Every day brings new choices and challenges for working parents, and it can be very difficult to make the “right” decision when others perceive your priorities differently than you do. I’d love to attend this conference and participate in what will surely be a fascinating discussion!

  6. i think work/life balance is important but the biggest issue with this is everyone has their own idea of “having it all”. the most important thing is figuring out what your all is and keeping work/life balanced.

    sounds like a great event!

  7. How do we create a sustainable future for our children with regard to education that is competitive with the rest of the world, to the economy they will inherit (jobs, Social Security/Medicare), to affordable and accessible, quality healthcare and to a society based on compassion and equality not division, antagonism and disinterest in others beyond one’s own inner circle.

  8. I would have to agree with the other comments with the work/life balance. I know for me that is a big issue. Also, not feeling guilty that I want to have a career, and sometimes that comes first. I think it’s a balance and guilt thing for me.

  9. I dislike the term, Momtrepreneur. They might as well say, “Awww, this Mom made herself a crafty little company to help fill her free time when she isn’t mothering.” Women [who are or are not moms] who have started a business are called the boss.

    1. Clearly i did not read the instructions! Ha! I think one of the most important issues for moms is the ability to create a work/life balance that works for their families. Not only how do we make it happen personally, but what are the tools we need from society to help us.

  10. An important issue facing moms today is how to “balance” family, work, education, feeding our children, and the various other factors that influence our abilities to do all or some of those things. In a time in our history that unemployment is at its height how do we make it possible to continue to do better for our families with less and make it possible for mother’s to make the right decisions for our children that has the least impact on their lives. NO matter what decision you make it should always be the right one for you and your family.

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